Just when I think that nothing a handbag designer does could possibly surprise me, someone goes and figures out a way to make me look twice. Thank God for innovation, even if it’s a little weird – without people trying new things, we’d all be carrying around the same black leather tote, and it takes a lot of ingenuity to go from the idea of a plain, utilitarian bag to the creation of something as fantastically weird as the Maison Martin Margiela Reflector Clutch

Yep, that’s right. Reflectors, meaning the little plastic things that people stick on the backs of their bikes so that cars won’t run them over at night. The clutch is embellished with those.

The chunks of plastic reflector, some of which look cut, others look more jagged and rough, are attached in a mosaic pattern to a simple leather clutch. The effect that this technique creates may not be something that everyone wants to carry, but I was taken aback at how well the chunks of plastic mimicked sequins. Since reflectors are, of course, created to reflect light at a variety of angles, they have a good bit of sparkle that gives this post-modern evening bag enough glamour to be more than just a conversation piece. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1275.

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  • kemilia

    While it is cute and clever and distinctive, no way is it worth that price.

    It reminds me of those birdbaths and such that area covered with pieces of broken plates/cups in a mosaic way.

  • Empress

    At first glance I thought those were large gemstones… duh… but I love it with the reflectors! Very different. I am off to the hardware store to make my own piece… for much less.

  • BLynnT

    Plastic reflectors really don’t seem like something that I would be able to pull off with my style, but (against my better judgment?) I’m kind of loving this one.
    I would need to see it in person and hold it to make sure it looked good up close and was comfortable to hold though.

    Good find, Amanda.

  • Nicole

    Love Maison Martin Margiela! The brand has perfected classics with an unexpected twist.

  • papertiger

    Very handy when reversing in low level lighting :D

    • ShoeQueen1961

      An extremely witty response… I love it!!!

  • Beth

    Love it. It looks like a broken slab of sugar. But the price is steep.

  • spanish moss

    love this mainly because of the color, but wouldn’t pay the price quoted here. cool bag/g

  • SKelly

    8 x 10 inch piece of red rayon: $1.00
    matching 7-inch zipper: $2.50
    spool of thread: $2.00
    Needle: $3.00 for a 50-pack
    Matches to heat a big needle to make the holes in the reflector pieces: free
    reflector pieces: $20.00 off ebay or free from your neighbor
    saps who will pay $1,275 for this crap: priceless.

    The emperor has no clothes.

    • Amy

      Agree with SKelly 100% – fun for about $100 – insane for $1000!!

    • MizzJ

      haha best comment ever! Totally took the words out of my mouth. It’s a very cool clutch though! If you were that rich, you might not know where to get the materials or have the skill to do this diy though so this would be their only option, poor things ;)

      Btw I’m hosting a giveaway! Tell me your holy grail beauty must-haves, and you could win!

    • evil monkey

      Your comment: priceless!

      I’m going to take some reflectors out of my bike:D (kidding, it’s better not to be hit by car)

  • mel

    That is such an interesting clutch!!
    But I’ll be sad when I see inspired versions from H&M and Wet Seal and Forever 21 and the like. They’ll jump all over that one.

  • An4

    lol I thought they were sequins when I zoomed in. looks great!

  • Jane

    this bag is a craft project not a bag worth $1200 that is ridiculous

  • MAX

    I thought i was the only one who think this is crap. I like other designs though but this is sooooooooooo unreasonable.

  • Nikki

    Project Runway had the challenge of seat belts made into dresses. They used reflectors to decorate the dresses.

    It would have been more original to have a reflector made in a clutch form, instead of the home made craft project.

  • Sofia Nolan

    stylish and beautiful but kinda expensive for a clutch …

  • Beth S.

    I once bought a backpack made from recycled truck tires and a license plate from Littlearth. It was retro, funky, and very cool. And priced at like $100? $150 maybe? Well worth it. This? They’ve got to be kidding. I think it’s junk.

  • JulieO

    I have to say that I actually think this looks cool…but it reminds me of something where you’d say….hey, that’s cool, I should make one of those. Not go out and pay $1275. (fb)

  • Rosanna

    Definitely not worth the price. Looks like something I could have made myself! (fb)

  • CoachGirlJami

    Hrmmm. It reminds me of a broken bicycle or car tail-light. Not a fan, sorry! :( I usually look for satin or something subdued when I buy a clutch – not vehicle parts! hehehe (fb)

  • Chi

    Oh my gosh, it looks like something I can put together after gathering a bunch of broken parts from a bicycle .. I should have thought of the idea!!


  • kim

    this makes me LOL. really? $1200 for broken reflectors? (fb)

  • Emily

    Looks like a weekend do-it-yourself project to save a lot of money! Hobby Lobby…is that you? (fb)

  • stephanie

    $1,200 is very steep for what it is, but aren’t all designer bags over priced? $35,000 for a Birkin? :)

    Fab idea though! (fb)

  • Jane

    What an interesting idea! At first I thought it was glass or ceramic, but I figured it would be too heavy. Reflector material? lol! Well, its lightweight… and if you ever had to walk somewhere at night, if you carry that bag you might be safer if they are reflective. :-D fb.

  • Sonia

    I work in traffic engineering. Guess this would serve as my safety reflector while out doing field measurements… LOL! Nice, but not practical for me. (fb)

  • Dawne Strehl

    Oh my, no, not for me! ‘(fb)’

  • Ann

    Very original, but would never pay this kind of money for it! (fb)

  • Theresa W

    Interesting concept, but I’d never pay that price when I could make one myself!! Lol :) (fb)

  • sophie

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  • justa9url

    Dislikes… (fb)

  • Issy

    hmm i like it, i will be making my own :) (fb)

  • Christina

    I love this…at least the pic of it!! (fb)

  • Gelynn

    I’m loving the color! (fb)

  • Debbie

    At first glance, I thought this was sequined, too. It doesn’t look like it’d be comfortable to hold onto with those jagged edges. At least it’d be safe to carry for a night out on the town :) (fb)

  • bonybynatur2003

    WOW! Im not a fan of this at all! And on top of the lack of design, I cant believe the price tag that is attached to it. I think its gaudy and looks very cheap! (fb)

  • Fetish4Purses

    neat! it kinda looks like candy… lol!

  • Caroline

    I liked this when I saw the small version but I liked it a lot less when I saw the closeup. It’s a bit cheap looking (fb)

  • Maria

    love it! very funky-looking, I’d carry it. (fb)

  • Jasmine

    A statement piece! But since its plastic, would it be skretched easily against keys, rings, bracelets etc? =x (fb)

  • kylie

    i kind of like it… it reminds me of lady gaga.. a bit eclectic and out there, but you can’t take ur eyes off it! (fb)

  • Elyse

    really? spending over $1000 on a purse made of something that you find on your bike? not a chance! (fb)

  • ceejay

    I liked it until I realized it was made out of the cover of car lights…looks a cheap art project now ! (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    It looks like candy!

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Naggy

    Why wear something that looks like randomly broken glass? (ipad)