Don’t get me wrong; I love me some questionably tasteful animal print more than almost anyone. And I love it most in bright colors that real leopards certainly don’t come in. So, in theory, I should really like the Lanvin Pop Leopard-Print Clutch. And in a way, I do. Just not in the kind of way that I need to love it in order to spend over a grand to purchase it.

Lanvin Pop Leopard-Print Clutch

See, leopard print can be a tough thing to deal with. It teeters on the edge that separates fashion and trash, and if you take a wrong turn, things start looking not-so-high-end. And I think that’s our problem here – the color and the fabric don’t have anything EXTRA to them to make this anything but a random animal print clutch. The design pop isn’t there for me, and with someone as brilliant as Alber Elbaz helming Lanvin, it really should be. I generally adore at least some aspect of their bags, and I’d snap one of these up if it was on the racks at Urban Outfitters. For the price they’re asking, though, I need them to do something else. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1120.

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  • ijm

    I totally agree with you Amanda on your review of this clutch. it’s cutish, in a rockabilly kind of way, but not for over $1,000. I’ll pass. My checking account is grateful.

  • Empress

    I would love this clutch, if it didn’t give me a migraine. Pass (even if it is Lanvin). Sorry…

  • Jen

    Ugh. What has been going on with Lanvin lately? In the last couple of years, the bags have gone from beautifully crafted, understated and usable to overly stylized, garish and useless. All of sudden gratuitous bows are popping up on clutches, otherwise decent looking bags are given non-utilitarian velvet ribbon handles, the leather goods no longer feel as soft and luxe as they did 3-4 years ago, and the non-leather goods, like the clutch above, look downright home-sewn. Please, Lanvin, come baaaaaack.

  • cathealey

    Yeah, I don’t understand this bag. It looks cheap. I think I could whip up something like it on my mom’s old singer with fabric from the local fabric store. I may just look on etsy to see if someone has made something like this. Wow.

  • hazel

    I love the bag, but not for that price. I do love the pattern, the color, the shape and that funky bow though.

  • me

    Hmm, bright blue animal print AND a bow AND a turnlock- something has to go.

  • Shannon

    wow that is so ugly, it looks like something i would have taken to a birthday party when i was 8 and thought I looked so grown up hahahaha

  • Linda

    Has anyone ever heard of the Abaco handbag?

  • Kendra

    It looks 3d! (fb)

  • AW

    Very cute and i like the blue color as opposed to regular leopard. But the price is a bit steep for a non-leather tiny clutch no?