Don’t get me wrong; I love me some questionably tasteful animal print more than almost anyone. And I love it most in bright colors that real leopards certainly don’t come in. So, in theory, I should really like the Lanvin Pop Leopard-Print Clutch. And in a way, I do. Just not in the kind of way that I need to love it in order to spend over a grand to purchase it.

Lanvin Pop Leopard-Print Clutch

See, leopard print can be a tough thing to deal with. It teeters on the edge that separates fashion and trash, and if you take a wrong turn, things start looking not-so-high-end. And I think that’s our problem here – the color and the fabric don’t have anything EXTRA to them to make this anything but a random animal print clutch. The design pop isn’t there for me, and with someone as brilliant as Alber Elbaz helming Lanvin, it really should be. I generally adore at least some aspect of their bags, and I’d snap one of these up if it was on the racks at Urban Outfitters. For the price they’re asking, though, I need them to do something else. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1120.

Perfectly Pink

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