DSquared Leather Flower and Satin Clutch

I have a fantastic clutch that I love to bring out. It is a clutch that is textured, elegant and nothing short of fabulous. Of course I have my own preferences and you do as well. However, no matter who likes what, there is something utterly fantastic about this clutch. I cannot get over how luxurious the detailing at the front and the back of this clutch is. For some, the front might seem overdone, but it’s not. It is perfect for the right occasion and with actually more outfits that you can think of.

This DSquared Leather Flower and Satin Clutch is one that I voe to make my own. Before I start writing about the details, I have to write about how extremely versatile this clutch is. It might surprise you, but this is the kind of clutch that would be awesome with a pair of boyfriend loose fitting jeans and a button down shirt. At the same you could use this clutch with an awesome short or long dress, or perhaps a pair of your favorite skinny jeans and sparkly top. You can beat that.

Now the clutch itself, again, it is gorgeous. It is hard to miss all of the leather and satin flower detailing at the front of the bag. If that same detailing was on the back, I would say it was too much. But turn the clutch around and you will find a much more sleek look. A slight bit of studding combines feminine and rocker elements perfectly and flawlessly. I simply love this clutch. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $1195.

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  • Ana JB

    It is indeed a beautiful clutch. Im just thinking about all the looks that you can do w/ this little one. Enjoy it, girl! :)

  • Jane H.

    It sounds weird but somehow I like that it looks like it’s embellished with barnacles. I like the chunky looking details ;)

  • Mochababe73

    I love this clutch because the flowers are the same color as the bag itself. If there were multi-colored flowers-bleh.
    With that being said, the back of the clutch should have been smooth or flowered instead of those ugly stripes.

    • chloehandbags


      I quite like the front – the mixture of flowers (soft) and geometrically placed studs (hard) is nice – but the back looks a bit dodgy, to me, too.

      It’s not even as though the studded strip looks as though it continues from the front; as it begins in the wrong places.

      If I really liked the front I’d probably forgive it for that, though, as nothing’s perfect, after all. :)

  • Handbag Lover

    Very girlie and cute. I really like it.

  • billy

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  • Orchids God

    Very nice, it will in this 2010. Fashion! I love the flowers thing. more info
    point it

  • tara

    They have it posted on the luisiviaroma site now with plain back and not patent stripping. I think it looks better. Is this too dressy to wear with jeans at night?

  • Naggy

    Valentino meets a rocker! (ipad)