We all know that Christian Louboutin has the footwear world on lock, but the stiletto master’s results in the handbag world sometimes don’t have the aesthetic consistency of his shoes. Translating success in one design realm to success in another can be difficult, so creating a clutch that appeals directly to the hearts of those who already love Louboutin’s shoes is a great way to turn footwear customers into potential handbag customers. But this design goes even a bit further than that; the Christian Louboutin Pigalle Clutch takes what should be a novelty and elevates the sophistication level to make this clutch something truly impressive.

The more I look at this homage to one of Louboutin’s iconic shoes, the more I like it. The sexy, sculptural shape of the Pigalle shoe (at bottom, for reference) lends itself well to a simplified application on the clutch’s stylized opening, and the hint of red at the edge gives those who are in the know a subtle indication of the piece’s innate Louboutin-ness. The nice thing, though, is that you don’t immediately look at this bag and go, “Oh, that’s a silly shoe clutch.”

The bag’s inspiration is incorporated in a smart and whimsical way, which is exactly the combination that has given Louboutin such enormous shoe success. I’m betting that this little clutch will do extremely well with Louboutin addicts, and there are certainly plenty of those ladies out there, just waiting for the man’s next great idea. Buy through Christian Louboutin for $695. Or you can buy the original Pigalle through Net-a-Porter for $595.

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  • Lulugurl

    I completely agree with Amanda, the more I look at it the more I like it! At first I thought nude? But with the red accent, any other colour might be too much and then make it too much like a “silly shoe clutch”. Beautiful clutch!

    • 86christianlouboutin.com

      Woo. It beatiful!

    • topbagswell.com

      It’s nice shoes.

  • adrienne z

    wouldn’t be able to put anything in it. what’s it for?

    • It’s an evening bag. Should fit nighttime essentials.

  • yy

    I love it! Love that sexy little line of red. Gorgeous and clever.

  • Letícia

    Hate it with all my heart! it COMPLETELY looks like a “silly shoe clutch” to me!

  • txazdreamgirl

    I like the practicality and fashion sense of the color, but once you know what it is, it looks like it’s missing a heel. As for the shoes, they are gorgeous, and thankfully, I am not wearing them–ever.

  • FallonLatrece

    I love it! I prolly wouldn’t buy it because it doesn’t look like me BB would fit, as that is a allday essential. Now if only I could find the shoes in my size!

  • heyyyy

    kitsch! gimmick-y! blech!

  • susan

    Genius, less is more.

  • suz

    He should stick to shoes and forget the clutch…..plenty of great ones already out there…..

  • delaney

    like it as a whimsical piece, but that’s a lot to pay for whimsy…

  • An

    Love it

  • KaylaNiche

    This clutch is siiiick! Gorgeous.

  • ninjaninja

    Maybe if it wasn’t in nude…?

    • 19yearslater


  • pltprincess

    Love, love, love it! Fabulous, sexy little going out piece. I hope to add this to my collection soon!

  • Bir

    Well I live in his shoes but with all due respect to this modern day genious by the look of this clutch the shoes are all I’m ever buying from him !

  • rose60610

    The clutch? No. For the money, buy the heels. I have them. When I wear them, even when I’m on my husband’s arm at classy places, other men take notice. Worth every penny. Buy half a size up. Just do it.

  • lchua

    Very clever. The thin red lining is SO Louboutin!

  • Loly

    subtile and gorgeous!
    I went to their website and loved the small shoes animation lol ! oh and it’s already out of stock!

  • Mochababe73

    Don’t like the clutch. If you had not brought up the fact that it is supposed to emulate the shoes, I wouldn’t have noticed. It just looks like a patent clutch with a wave.
    I can’t justify the price tag of the shoe on my limited budget. However, it’s a beautiful, classic ladylike pump. I like anything without a platform.

  • Anne VD

    Gorgeous and slick, perfect for summer. Can’t wait to get mine.

  • Cathy Fitz

    I don’t wear CL’s and yet I LOVE this clutch. Even though I usually don’t like clutches that don’t hold much, I think this is stunning. I can just imagine it “paired” with a stunning pair!

  • chloehandbags

    Beautiful and sculptural.

    Not a big fan of the shoes, TBH, but the clutch is lovely.

  • Lizzie

    nice color…but I’d be too distraught worrying about it though…