Minimal accessories are having a moment. From Celine Trios to Mansur Gavriel Buckets, a whole host of fashion consumers have decided that they’re largely sick of bags that are overdone and overwrought, and with that decision has come a wave of tightly edited, pared-down pieces that are easy, functional and understated. To get the look under $200, we highly recommend the Busk and Bask Loess Wrap Clutch.

It doesn’t always work out this way, but often, minimalism can be a boon to consumers; leaving off extraneous details, embellishments and hardware from a design helps keep production costs down, and generally that means that beautiful, well-edited pieces can be had for prices that are a bit lower than you might expect. Often, those pieces are from indie designers that are awaiting their chance at wide-ranging exposure, such as Busk and Bask.

The company’s bags are produced in a small design studio in Nevada, and this clutch is a perfect casual option that could be used in basically any season because of the light, but not pastel, leather. It goes without saying, of course, that the price point ($160 via Ahalife) is perfect, and for that, you get an ever-so-slightly off-kilter take on a classic envelope bag.

Buy through Ahalife for $160.

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  • Mya Wilkes

    That’s a gorgeous bag! I’m a born minimalist! But is it leather? sorry if I missed that.

    • kindled

      It is!

    • Thanks Mya. Yes, kindled is right. It is natural vegetable tanned leather. ~ Danise

  • I love that bag!


  • christopherstobler

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  • kindled

    “Every clutch comes complete with a leather cross body strap that snaps in on either side of the bag.” Wish they showed photos of how it looks with the cross body strap.

    • Hello! Thanks for your interest. We are working on getting a few pics up that will show the cross body strap. It is a 50 inch non-adjustable leather strap that attaches at the two Chicago screws on the side of the clutch. It is really easy to take on and off depending on the look you would like. Hope this helps for now :) Danise ~

      • kindled

        Sounds great–can’t wait to see photos!

  • Thank you so much for the kind words Amanda :) Danise

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love this style clutch!

  • Jdii Mughal

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    collections please chekout our handbags collections.