Chloe Maggie Double Frame BagThis Chloe Maggie Double-Fram Bag is heavily featured in Chloe’s ad campaigns, and it is pretty adorable. The cinnamon and mahogany trim constitute an unassuming color scheme that nonetheless packs a lot of personality. The leather looks smooth and smooshy and rich, and goodness knows Chloe can do great leather. The detailing is spot on – love the little closure on top, love the Chloe button, love the flap with the tiny turnlock, love the ruching that is so dangerously close to evoking cameltoe, but escapes looking just cute. The doctor bag shape is also enticing and the bag is pretty roomy, I believe, with a nice chubby look to it from the side. It doesn’t say frame bag, but it definitely is, and I like that unexpectedness. There are actually a few compartments, both push-locked and zippered, so practicality included. I love the bag. It would look super stylish with some sandals and casual summer tops and cropped jeans. But hold the phone. Maggie is going to cost you $2,895! Who authorized Chloe to charge Chanel prices? We’re going to have to have us a talk. If you can’t resist, you can buy her at Net-A-Porter. If you think 3K is a little much, sit back and sigh with me and urge your very very very wealthy friend to indulge in your place.

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  • How to start a clothing line from scratch

    prices are ridiculous!

  • Jen

    I agree. This bag doesn’t worth this price. It’s actually ugly bag.

  • yenny

    the bag is super ugly… seriously… and the price just makes it worse…

  • Christiy

    I saw this bag on aloharag for only 1500. but still.. kinda too much!

  • Rapunzel

    To me this bag is pure perfection. But, i’ve seen it in real life and this picture doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.

    • Janelle

      I completely agree. The leather is exquisite. I wish I had one.


    I have just purchased this bag and can honestly say that it worth the money and the picture does do it an injustice, worth every penny very stylish

  • Kristine

    I saw this bag on the clearance rack at Nordstrom for only $1,300!! Knowing that Nordstrom pretty much accepts back any returns even after a year(!), I decided not to buy it because it looked like it had already been used. But even though it was already used, the bag was GORGEOUS! Super soft!! Loved how there were so many different compartments! The picture doesn’t do this bag justice. It’s absolutely beautiful in real life.

  • angel

    at first glance, I hate it; but after owning one, and physically carry it, I love it. I absolutely agree that picture does not do this bag justice. You got to carry it and be proud of it

  • carine

    I just bought htis bag for $150 at the chloe sample sale!!!

    • Naggy

      That’s unbelievable! How did it go from $2895 to just $150, a tiny fraction of the cost! (ipad)

  • irina

    saw did i. both in this color combo and in taupe. they were selling 1 per person, but my sister was with me and she didnt want it. yay! i got 2 bags for $300

    • Naggy

      Where are these sample sales that seemingly produce once in a lifetime deals? (ipad)

  • kim

    Got the bag for christmas it is absolutly FABULOUS! :lol:


    This handbag is so ugly that’s what makes it so beautiful and the leather is so butter soft and smoochy I have it in Black. I get so many compliments people ask me what bag am I carrying andILOVEIT! And that is good because everybody can’t pull the look off U MUST have confidence when U sport it. :grin: At the price everyone can not afford it.

  • Jane


    Show my page, i have one for only 1150€.

  • Naggy

    I do dislike the bag, but I’m just amazed at the deals some people get! (ipad)

  • Misspi

    Everytime I take my Maggie bag out, I fall in love with her again. The leather is exquisite and the bag always gets loads of attention :). This bag will probably never leave my collection – a true keeper and a joy to take out every once in a while.