The opportunities to get authentic Chanel bags under retail are few and far between. Even more rare is markdowns up to 70% off retail price. Sounds too good to be true? In this case, it is not. Tomorrow, Thursday July 22nd, on Rue La La starting at 11 am EST the Madison Avenue Couture-Chanel Event will go live. During this, you will have the chance to score Chanel items for up to 70% off retail prices.

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  • Brandy

    So obviously Chanel is classic and I love all there quilted, front flap purses, but what caught my eye here is that denim hobo-esque chanel at the top.. It seems very unstructured for Chanel, but I love it..

  • Brandy

    Oh and those shoes are seriously creative.. Lovely simple t-strap black shoe but with an amazing pop of green, and geometric style on the heel..

  • Alice

    I have a Gilt membership and this seems like the same kind of model. my friend actually introduced me to the auction model as an alternative way to get a really great handbag and you can definitely get bigger discounts there.

  • Jessica

    I’m already a member! I hope all this publicity doesn’t hinder the people who have been members before all this! I know I will be there at the opening of the sale, first come first serve, right?!

  • Sophie

    I am actually kind of confused about this… Chanel used to be known and coveted for their expensive merchandise, I am not sure if this very public sale (with such high discounts) will do them any good PR in terms of the exclusivity and clientele… In Europe, the prices for the flap bags (the classics, not the reissue models) went up a month ago, just to prevent the bags to become too “massive”… I wish everybody good luck and of course it is nice to score any Chanel merchandise with a 70 percent discount, BUT…

  • wintervalley

    within 5 minutes after the sale started, all the bags are gone :P


  • Dezynrbaglaydee

    IMO, the prices were not that greatly marked down, still in the high $1k-$2k+,
    missed out on the hot pink scarf but that’s ok, wasn’t meant to be!

  • MO

    Sophie, I’m not too sure if Chanel had a hand in marking down the prices dramatically since the sale was offered by a consignment store. The merchandise offered isn’t brand new.

  • Webmistress

    These bags really show a true sign of COLOR BRIGHTLY, love them and wnat them all lol

  • The Fashion for Less

    Chanel makes you look classic and chic! That’s why so many women would love to have a doze of Chanel every once in a while.

  • lisa

    some of the bags were actually marked up in price

  • angi

    i would like the middle one..>oo,<

  • george

    Why do people flock to sites like Rue La La and Gilt, etc? This “Madison Avenue Couture” that was featured is an eBay seller! Rue La La can’t get Chanel items themselves so they brought on an eBay seller, and yes, they probably raised prices so Rue La La could make some money too. Only thing Rue La La did was take better photos of the items! Wasn’t this “pitched” as a “Vintage” sale? There isn’t anything vintage about Chanel bags from last season, of which there were quite a few “featured” in this vintage sale. But people RUSH to buy these bags from Rue La La, like it is some “special” deal!! Here’s a clue: Go on eBay and you could have bought them for less, direct from the seller! PS – Gilt is doing the same thing…featuring “sales” from eBay sellers…..rush on over and buy from them girls – thinking that you have the “in” on some super secret sale! It’s an EBAY seller for god’s sake!

  • Lisa

    Click the link to join Rue La La…

  • lovechanel

    Are the chanels on ruelala authentic??? if so when will this sale happen again???

  • Isabel


  • Isabel

    click this link

  • beanyce126

    im totally into all three purses on the ad. (ipad)

  • mala

    It won’t let me sign in. My zip code won’t. Is rue la la only for US resident?