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  • Banban

    Hope that wasant a real turtle…

    • It wasn’t.

      • Aliza Zibkoff

        Ok, but what the heck is it? a clutch? a flask? a pacemaker?

      • phlox

        I assume you sort of… grasp it nervously hoping that the PETA protesters on the red carpet don’t notice you?

  • sahararay

    #11 is beyond beautiful…

  • kindled

    #2 looks like an ugly burrito, :(

    • Jen

      Lol and #1 two Burger King crowns.

  • E Cooper

    I am a Chanel person but none of these grab me at all. Patchwork, sequins, and ugly woven bags, e-gad!

  • bir

    im also lost im sorry but chanel…i mean when Yves-S-L did the russian collection it was fresh global inspiration was so new but at this momment i feel chanel has done all cultures its like Chanel Epcot . maybe this is why i reacted so well to Brasserie and this latest couture collection was CHANEL the culture inpiration makes the collections costume-like and very Gimmicky….. i hope K.L or someone in the team reacts.

  • Smithy

    Love the hi-tops shoes and would never be seen in Chanel hi-tops in a million years, but God love the people who will.

  • Lucisan

    10 Year Old purse work . <……. Find Here

  • tim de rosen

    #5 is an appalling mish-mash of different “operas”. The kids have taken over in the studio and made a mess.

  • Barbara

    I’m a chanel person aswell. I do not like the new. I have 2 chanel cambon and a black patent leather from 1984ish.

    • phlox

      1980s Chanel was nothing short of fantastic. Patsy Stone would wear all of it.

  • Barbara

    Does anyone know what I can do about a chanel cambon tote with the handles. They are to be double knot together but someone has undone these. Wonder how to get them back

  • Rashida

    I like the jewelry

  • Aforallie

    The shoes are adorable. The bags, not so much.

  • The jewelry is beautiful and I like the sequined bag. I find the others quite kitsch.

  • Jacquie S

    Love the Jewelry, bags not at all.

  • phlox


    (…actually, that cuff at slide 3 is nice, even if it’s a crass re-hashing of this legendary one: http://tinyurl.com/qgkbqcz)

  • jane

    ick, looks like a bad mexican cruise

  • Giselle

    Tortoise shell looks nice:)

  • Jerri R

    I am actually quite touched how much of Korea is incorporated into this collection! So Seoul was not just some random location for Chanel, Chanel designers actually studied Korean images and worked them into Chanel accessories. How impressive!