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  • kindled

    These are shockingly buyable and wearable. Question though…the meat packaged flap…can that actually be used…for anything? Or is it just one for the wall?

    • Joshua

      The flap can be taken out of the packaging as I’ve seen in someone’s reveal. I just don’t know if you can wear it the handles out while having the packaging on it just like in the show.

      • kindled

        Ah okay. So at the end of the day, it may just be a fun way of packaging a normal flap?

      • Gigi21

        There aren’t any holes to put the handles through The packaging. My mom was sweet to get the small flap with the packaging for me as a bday gift while tracking in Europe and she actually was going to throw the packaging away.

  • dnfl

    very surprised to see that the meat packaged flap bag is one of the more “affordable” bags in this collection. would’ve thought it was worth upwards of 5k if I hadn’t seen this post, since novelty items have their way of being astronomically priced!

  • Jan

    I’m amazed how normal these look after the fashion show! Bravo, to both the embellishments for the show and to this cute yet classy collection.

  • Helen

    I have never been able to get into Chanel bags. I just don’t like them. I know is sad ladies, but horses for courses

  • •.??HARDCORE??.•

    The prices aren’t justifiable I’m sorry.

  • Doodles78

    OOOH, number one is awesome

  • Marni

    I’m kinda over Chanel, there prices are jus outrageous

  • Hierophilic

    They’re cute, but the prices aren’t. These aren’t particularly interesting, imo.

  • Daniel
  • Isla

    Does anyone know how much the alligator one (#3) is in medium?

  • obi

    Love the bags!!!

  • Jo

    I would like to know how much is the large Chanel crocodile skin shopping tote