We talk about Chanel‘s seasonal bags at length, but some of the brand’s most-loved accessories fly under the radar in the “small leather goods” category. That includes the Chanel Wallet On Chain, which is precisely what it sounds like–a large wallet with the brand’s popular leather-woven shoulder strap, which can be carried as a small purse if the wearer is willing to sacrifice the bulky contents of her regular bag. For the brand’s Metiers d’Art 2016 collection, the little bag got a notable makeover.

The WOC, as it’s know among Chanel aficionados, has always been a popular entry-level buy for new customers looking to get their feet wet without the full price commitment of a regular Chanel flap bag. Starting at $2,000 for the two styles you see below, the bag is certainly not cheap, but it does soften the blow a little bit when compared to a Classic Flap, which can cost up to $6,000 in either of Chanel’s two standard leathers.

There’s no indication that the regular WOC, which features a straight-across flap and snap closure, is going anywhere; instead, this appears to be an addition to the line, which also features WOCs modeled after the Boy and Reissue bags. For customers looking to buy their first Chanel piece, the close resemblance to a Classic Flap, with its turnlock closure and curved front, will surely be appreciated.

These bags are in stores now.

Chanel Long Flap Wallet
$2,000 via Chanel


Chanel Wallet on Chain Bag
$2,100 via Chanel


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  • dela

    Much better investment than some of those mico bags.

  • Passerine

    Do you have any photos on what it looks like inside? Does it have a zipped pocket and credit card holders like a real wallet or…?

    • There aren’t any photos of the interiors of these specific bags on the Chanel site, but the WOCs do have card slots and wallet functionality on the inside in general.

      • Charm

        Got this a week ago…chanel eyelet wallet on chain(calfskin)????luveet!????

      • Charm

        It has an antique gold harware????

      • Charm

        This one has same interiors as the classic woc. It looks like a small flap w/o the monalisa pocket on the back.

  • laura

    is the Chanel WOC a good option? I’m in search of a WOC and the Saint Laurent looks really nice and it’s cheaper. Is Chanel a better option? Anyone?

  • Yoshi1296

    I like this but I hate how the turnlock is fake and is just a regular snap button closure.

  • AbrahamVNelson

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  • Winnie Chen

    I like Chanel

  • Max

    I honestly think that they should make it a turn-lock closure instead of a snap closure.

    Honestly for the price, it would make more sense if it was a turn-lock closure, based on the amount of times one might be opening and closing the bag. I wouldn’t want my snap closure to become loose with years of usage…

  • Karin B bag4bag@

    I don’t like to dwell on names of bags but quite honestly I would go crazy over a Chanel bag. Still to expensive for me, but good that the entry level price of these bags is less than the traditional Chanel flap bag.

  • Adefees1959

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  • Ornoi

    This is my third. Not a woc, but Chanel CC Eyelet flap bag. Purchased from Hirshleifers (avoid tax) for $3400 on May. Please enjoy a quick review.

  • Amy Tiernan Ulness

    Do they come in caviar?

  • Pam

    I agree. I ordered one of these but the classic black one and I definitely feel like it’s a better investment than this micro bags. I tried one at fendi and laughed! It’s so small. I went for a bigger bag obviously and those micro ones just look kid sizes. No thanks

  • Ami

    Does this new WOC comes in lambskin or caviar? And is it available in the U.S.?