Chanel Vinyl Bag

ShopBop continues to bring us a small, eclectic group of vintage handbags. What are we digging the most? The Chanel bags. Chanel vintage handbags show us that the brand is not only timeless but also that their designs continue to be relevant. The newest addition to the vintage collection at ShopBop is a Chanel Vinyl Bag which features signature chain straps with a clear vinyl body and interlocking black letter Cs at the front and back.

The reason this bag doesn’t do much for me is because I have never loved vinyl bags. If I wanted to own a vinyl bag, this could be it. I can picture pairing this bag with large oversized sunglasses and a casual outfit of jeans and a tee. In my mind it looks good. The other thing about a clear bag is to make sure whatever is showing through is not entirely awful. I would opt for oversized colorful pouches to be the innards which will show through with a little pop of color. Dimensions are 12.5″H x 16.5″L x 4.5″D. Buy through ShopBop for $2,860.

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  • Jane

    I have never liked vinyl bags either, I don’t want anyone to see whats in my bag. I realize its Chanel, but why is it $2,860. I am sorry, but that is insane.

    • matilda lea

      you are insane! Chanel handbags are amazing! and worth every penny! and 2,860 isnt even that much for a master piece!

    • luca mackay

      i like chanel handbag a lot,but this one ,i don`t like it.

    • Sam

      Because there’s someone dumb enough to spend that for a bag that costs about a dollar to make. Buy an f’ing bag from QVC and donate the rest to programs to help the U.S. people struggling out there. If you can afford almost 3k for a bag then you’re not hurting and you’re just selfish. Thank you.

  • BLynnT

    I agree with you both; vinyl bags aren’t my thing either. I feel like I would always have to keep the inside of my bag organized. And sometimes the beauty of a bag is just being able to throw things in and organize later.
    Megs, I love your idea of colorful pouches… but I still think that I’ll pass on the vinyl, even if it is Chanel.
    With that said, you are totally right – Chanel is the epitome of timeless style, and vintage or not, Chanel bags are chic and always appropriate.

    • I love being able to throw everything into my bag and go. But a clear bag, seems like too much work to make things pretty for everyone else

  • Jan

    If I didn’t know better I’d say this was a joke! Seriously, anyone that would pay over $2800 for a “plastic” vinyl bag needs some therapy! It would be a whole lot cheaper than the bag! LOL

  • Susan

    I love Chanel, but sadly for me, alot of times, the logo is just too screaming out loud, the hugh logo is an overkill and too obnoxious sometimes. Sorry, not for me even if I can afford it at a lower price tag.

  • scorpio

    ITs could be kind of cute if the price was like 75% of the original price. But at this price it is ridiculous. I think if the bag was priced between 500-1000$ it would sell pretty well since it is Chanel but at this price, it is insane

  • Handbag Lover

    It looks cheap, I think Chanel is very classy and this is a HAM Hot A$$ Mess).

  • 19yearslater

    Oh geez, it’s okay, but classic chain handles wouldn’t make me pay that much for plastic even if I had the money. That being said, it’s not bad-looking.

  • Paulina

    If I’m paying $3000 for a bag, it better be leather and NOT vinyl.

  • dierregi

    And another one… almost 3000$ for a plastic bag, etc…. we’re talking about a basic tote here, without lining – for obvious reasons :-) without inside pockets and without a proper closure (being it a magnetic button or a zipper). Just some vinyl and a chain, even being insanely over the top you have here a $10 worth of material, and the design looks like a no-brainer, it’s a huge logo over nothing … honestly…

  • Merve

    Chanel hoards the bags that they refuse to mark down or sell on internet and then marks them up ridiculously 5yrs down the line and calls them vintage. Aint nothing vintage or classy about huge CC logos on clear plastic and especially not for 3k.

  • nielnielniel


  • Merve

    My mother’s best friend has an Hermes collection that rivals Victoria Beckham’s and she is one of the elite that gets invited to a private Hermes sale once or twice a year in a hotel somewhere in the world. What is not sold in these private sales is then burnt. Yes burnt. Albeit its mostly clothes but I think Chanel should take a page from their notebook.

    • Jane

      Wow I can’t even imagine how amazing that would be to be invited to something as elite as a private Hermes sale. I had no idea that went on in this world. She should write an article or a book on her experiences.

      • Merve

        Well actually because she has an interior design company she was asked by Hermes to come up with a concept for their new store in Istanbul :) Lets hope she gets the commission.

  • Patrick

    I thought chanel was expensive because of the quality and material they use. I would not mind paying 3000.00 for a chanel with really nice leather. But for vinal. Ill pass and go with the CHANEL GST for less.

  • Jessie Carlson

    I don’t even know what to say, that is one of the largest wastes of money I have ever seen.

  • Ping

    This is a joke. I never understood the vinyl craze and there were a lot of vinyl bags at the Neiman Marcus discount table a few seasons and still no buyers. Why? because as Paulina says, if I’m paying $3,000 for a bag, it better be leather. This is like the emperor with his new clothes. Chanel like many houses in the late 90’s and early 2000’s thought people would buy anything with the cc logos and maybe some did, but I wouldn’t call them good investments, esp in vinyl.

  • MAX

    Some people will buy it that $3000 plastic bag. Leather lasts for many years but PLASTIC last forever. like when all people on the world die this $3000 Plastic Chanel Bag still in this world. May be it’s a good investment but not for me for sure.

    • Sam

      Plastic does not last forever, it never has and it never will. It costs me 3k for a transmission in my truck and that’s engineered, machined and assembled by hand. This thing is cut by a machine and assembled by someone making 11 cents a hour. Get over yourselves already.

  • Diane

    Looks like something that can be picked up at one of the “swap meet” type of events held in empty lots around big cities. Yuck.

  • kemilia

    HAHAHAHA!!! This has got to be a $3k joke, I would pay 40 dollars tops for it. Even at 40 dollars, I wouldn’t want everyone seeing my receipts and shopping lists on post-its and all the other stuff that makes it into my bags very quickly.

    And plastic/vinyl does last a long time but it discolors & cracks.

  • Michael St. James

    Vinyl bags are disgusting and for that price…this has to be a joke!

  • Beth

    Silly. That $2800+ could be spent on something so much more beautiful and interesting. It’s a glorified shopping bag.

  • otter

    I agree with the group. Looks cheap — in fact — looks like Canal Street/Chinatown/Santee Alley knock-off. Even if it isn’t.


    Vinyl bags and for $2,860, really is Chanel joking. Why do designers think that Vinyl bags are worth buying at any price by any designer… No way it is just cheap.

  • JW

    Agree with the majority. This price is just ridiculous. Love the look of the bag. I kind of like clear vinyl bags in general, but I think it’s less than practical to use. If you’re going to spend that money on a bag, why not go for the classic Chanel flap bag?

  • hect

    AGAIN WITH THE VINYL bags waht is wrong with the brands prada did it i hate it unless you work as a sales associate at saks or neimans that ask SA to wear clear bags for security reasons there is no exuse for this it is horrible it is the death of true luxury and the abuse over logomania i mean not even at the beach straw bags are better than plastc please give the tacky plastic a rest

  • David Kim

    …perhaps if i had an unlimited supply of money…and nothing to buy…OH WAIT. that’s most definitely not the case.

    BUT, i can see the appeal for some people, like for the beach. and i’m definitely feeling the colorful inner pouches idea thing.

    i just know some crazy asian is itching to buy this bag.

    i would know. i’m that crazy asian in many other situations…

    but i won’t hate. i suppose SOMEONE took the time to design this thing…god knows why…

  • Lo Wise

    If any bag is going to be copied it will be this one…..vinyl is a fabric so easily available that the chinese factories will be working 24/7 to knock these out.

    Would I buy one? no…..I would rather invest in something more special.

  • Kalinka

    I dont think vinyl should be this expensive.

  • Betty

    agree – looks cheap & cheesy.

  • dani_twotwo

    omg, pass! almost 3,000 on a bag that looks like plastic? so cheap looking…takes away from the brand’s prestige. if i saw it on the street i would think it was just a fake or something.

  • sam

    almost 3000$ for a plastic bag..really?

  • sam

    oh yeah and the vinyl looks very weak

    • sherry

      why does it matter

  • luxury_999

    Beautiful colour ,but i cant afford it.

  • sherry

    thats a nice bag but its just made out of plastic.

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  • Miamia

    No thank you – if I should ever see someone carrying this I would have to laugh knowing how much they had paid. @_@

  • sam

    somebody please make a vidieo for this bag

  • liveeka

    WOHOHOHOW!! over 2grands waza?

  • Sam

    You people do realize you’re just paying for a name right? Most of the people in this group however seem smarter than that….which is more than I can say for my ex.

  • monica
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  • Bagolicious

    I love Chanel in general, but $2850. for cheap a** vinyl? Well, whoever came up with that pricing must have been sniffing some vinyl!

  • Ms.A

    I did not like it it’s look like a very cheap bag and there is no privacy with it

  • Ms. Huijsman

    I rather buy a local made straw bag for 5 dollars, than this stupid looking plastic bag!

  • Deb

    cute! but not for that HUGE price….. :( (fb)

  • Joyce

    a plastic bag for $2860.. =/ (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    somehow this just doesn’t look like it would last very long (fb)

  • apple

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  • MBT shoecheap ugg

    I love Chanel, but sadly for me, alot of times, the logo is just too screaming out loud, the hugh logo is an overkill and too obnoxious sometimes. Sorry, not for me even if I can afford it at a lower price tag.

  • beanyce126

    no thanks on this purse. (ipad)

  • Karen

    I found this bag selling online but it’s size seem a bit different from this picture. Can anyone tell if it’s authentic or not?