We regularly feature the photos and collections of women the world over who love showcasing their incredibly expensive handbag and shoe collections for thousands of curious onlookers, but that kind of sharing can have its downsides. Not long after going on both local and national TV to showcase her three-story closet, including dozens of Hermès and Chanel bags, among others, Houston resident Theresa Roemer is now missing more than a million bucks in designer wares.

The 3,000-square-foot space, which had recently been dubbed America’s biggest private fashion closet, has been the subject of its fair share of media attention, which was likely the cause for the burglary earlier this week. Roemer told the Houston Chronicle that the theft appears to have been perpetrated by professionals, and that the robbers focused on her jewelry, watches and handbags, despite the probable existence of many other extremely expensive things inside a house with a $500,000 custom closet.

Roemer and her husband moved into the 20,000-square-foot house in the tony Woodlands neighborhood of Houston two years ago after two burglaries on their previous home. The massive closet has security features, but Roemer says that she forget to arm them before she and her husband stepped out to dinner with friends on the evening of the robbery.

The couple’s security cameras caught the perpetrator entering the house through the rear, according to the Chronicle, and then using three of Theresa’s Hermès travel bags to load up on other accessories before departing on foot. All told, he was in the house for 40 minutes, and the place is so massive that the Roemers didn’t realize that something was amiss until a little while after they returned home from dinner.

Media attention on Roemer’s closet appears to have started with a Neiman Marcus blog post (which is where the above photo is from) about her collection and philanthropic efforts, and the story grew from there, as these kinds of things are wont to do on the Internet.

No matter how you may judge Roemer’s use of her money, it’s a stark reminder that what we share, online and elsewhere, isn’t only being viewed by those with our best interests at heart. Handbags, especially from brand likes Hermès and Chanel, have great value on the secondhand market, which can send thieves directly to your closet.

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  • Amazona

    Yikes! I’m really afraid of being mugged on the street (I frequently walk outside alone late in the evening in a not-so-nice neighborhood) so I never take an expensive bag to work with me. When traveling alone I also look like a poor, uninteresting girl – wearing my old, cruddy Adidas Super Stars, jeans and usually an old hoodie + an old, stained and battered Samsonite backpack – so I won’t draw attention. This does mean getting the bitchy treatment from snotty SA’s but I’m willing to take it in exchange for the added safety I get in return.
    I’ve always wondered if these people displaying their stuff and homes on any media have ever thought of who’s watching…I guess not.

  • FashionableLena

    I read about this last week, and this is not the first time that this has happened in Houston. Someone a couple of months ago had about $500,000 in handbags and jewelry stolen from their closet. It could happen to anyone. These houses have probably been scoped out for months.

    • Mya Wilkes


  • GPc

    I just could not resist to comment on this. I have been robbed before, so I can completely sympathize with Ms Roemer on that front, but I think this story begs to a larger issue. When is enough enough or too much not enough? I truly believe for someone to amass so many “things”, be they purses, jewelry, (animals, and we would call her a hoarder), signals that either something is missing in this woman’s life or just a sickness. I know she constantly touts her philanthropy, but studies have proven time and again that there really is no true altruism for an individual, there is consciously and subconsciously, alterior motives. In this woman’s case, it is probably the guilt that comes with simply having too much.

    • Mya Wilkes

      But its her money though, let everyone feel free to spend THEIR money as they see fit!

      • Gpc

        Mya, you obviously completely missed my point…

      • Mya Wilkes

        I actually don’t think so. My comment was mostly in response to your statement – “I truly believe for someone to amass so many things ……. signals something is missing in this woman’s life or just a sickness”. This woman may have nothing missing in her life in the way you suggest, she may also have no sickness; she may simply just “want” a three story closet!
        If you’d gone along the lines of it being overly ostentatious or along the lines that she shouldn’t have showcased it but kept it private, yes, there is a solid argument there. But besides that, we all know NOTHING about her and therefore shouldn’t make such intrusive comments. I however appreciate your opinion is yours and so I guess we can agree to disagree.

  • Gia

    Why why would anyone showcase to the world their valuables?
    Your begging to get robbed.
    No brains.

    • Marlene

      Exactly what I was thinking!!!!

  • Veronique

    Poor lady. I hope they find the culprit. I’ll be heartbroken if any of my stuff was stolen.

  • Mya Wilkes

    I feel very bad for her, i hope the perpetrator is caught. I would feel completely violated as well if i was in her shoes – some stranger being all up in my closet!

  • Cory Willet

    Theresa Roemer is a really sweet person… the worst part, is she’ll never get that locket with her passed on son’s hair back. How can one replace an item, with this kind of sentimental value?

  • aeg

    Of course she can spend the money any way she chooses just as anyone else would choose whether they are rich, middle class or even poor, it’s a free country. Such a violation to get burglarized is scary. That said, I find it kind of sad that people with such wealth have the need to constantly have all these material things to such excess.

  • Guest

    She has a restraining order against her stepson. Maybe he did it.

  • Marnie

    Holy crap, her closet is bigger than some stores! That said, its her money and she can do whatever she wants with it. I hate when people begrudge rich people of the way they spent their fortune.

  • Guest

    I hate that this happened to her. That said, I also hate people who brag about how much material wealth they have. And let’s be honest: when you allow “Good Morning America” to come into your home and film your closet, you are bragging. What did she THINK? Was she expecting the Nobel Prize instead of a home invasion??? Foolish, vain woman!

  • kindled

    Yikes. While she’ll likely never get back the items and sentimental things are irreplaceable, I’d be very surprised if she didn’t have some serious insurance covering it all.

  • b
  • Mrs.H

    You would think that they would have some high-tech, state-of-the-art security system with cameras recording inside and outside the house, extending out to the front gate of their property. The caliber of which could easily provide crucial identifying factors in catching the thief and alerting police, themselves, and the neighborhood at the first sign of a break-in. That would be the first investment for me if I had that level of wealth.

  • Pavle Stanimirovic

    Yes getting robbed does suck, and is a direct disrespect and violation of one’s privacy and personal affairs, I would like to help the victoms recover . I know how to find them the peace that they were robbed of ! Do ask me for advice as I was the proffesional on the other side of the law at first ,today a research investigator for finding facts on the impact of non victomless crimes have occupied our safe zones is a direct violation to our country and I am a Civilian proud to help the right side for once as a reformed Criminal safe cracker
    .Hoping to share my experiences ,for a piece of mind ,I dont want to paint a wrong picture that I was an angel or something ,Oh I was a troubled youth and used my intelect for negativity regardless even if I only robbed Jews in the ,were mixed up in non – Kosher dealing that are far from leagal plus they were the heavily insured ,by 3X’s-10X’s as much they claimed so full.NYC, expose coming out 2016 .
    Just because they were not nice people ,very ugly as with greed.