I spend a ton of time on the PurseForum checking out members bag reveals, and trust me, it’s something you don’t want to miss. Each time a member reveals a new acquisition, it seems the purchase is being undressed, from the ribbon on the box, to the sleeper bag, to finally revealing the new bag itself. I did a little shopping over the weekend, and before I knew it, I was walking out of the Celine store with a new bag.

I decided my reveal should be a production, with my favorite sweets and my favorite new arm candy. Watch my new baby come to life!

Celine Trapeze Reveal

And now for more details! I own a few different Celine styles, but the Trapeze has long been on my radar and I hadn’t added it to my collection yet. Initially, I went to the Celine store with one purpose (to help my sister find a new bag), but just like a homing device, something began to call my name. I own so many bags, but whenever I add a new one to my collection, I want it to be different from everything else I own, and this Trapeze bag fit the criteria. I’m not typically drawn to calf hair, but the flamingo calf hair front flap and green sides work so beautifully that it was impossible to say no. Pair it with the sleek black calf leather, and I found the Celine bag of my dreams.

So what did I do? I left the store, and I probably should have kept walking. Initially, I did. We walked half a block away, and then I realized I couldn’t be without this bag. I went right back and bought it, and not a second has gone by that I don’t look at my newest addition and find myself swooning.

Price is $3,750 via Celine.









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  • Gerard Q.

    thats bag its gorgeous

  • laura

    If I hear somebody say “coral calf hair” my first thought is “tacky but this bag is the opposite – it’s beautiful. Enjoy!

  • BNOC

    Megs–It looks like we have something in common here. I too have made a semi-impulsive purchase at Celine under the pretext of helping someone else choose a bag, and then cruised over to that oh so conveniently located Lauduree for a pastel-boxed treat :) That is particularly genius because there’s something so magically French about splurging at Chloe or Celine and then riding that high over to an elegant little pattisserie. I can’t think of a much better afternoon. Your new Trapeze is perfection!

    • RIGHT?! After I went back to get the bag it only seemed fitting that I picked up some Laduree as well!

  • Lilly

    I am so jealous, that bag is gorgeous.

  • weaslgrl

    haha megs that’s why I try to stay out of those stores. The same thing happened to me at Bottega last year — got 2 blocks away & went back for the classic black calfskin Roma. Your gorgeous new bag makes me wish I had gone for something more adventurous! Congratulations.

    • You picked a perfect classic – next time you can go a little bolder! Your bag is a stunner too

  • sara

    Very cute video. Love the color as well!

  • v.couture

    I love love love. Everytime I go shopping all the SA’s try to tell me about their new upcoming bags and I describe it before they can or some don’t even know about new releases and I tell them all about purseblog. I’m here everyday.

  • louch

    Can we get some modelling pictures please??

  • Clementine

    Pure elegance, you have phenomenal taste and this bag is just perfect.

  • Stephanie

    This is amazing im literally drooling! Beautiful bag

  • Renae

    She’s beautiful! Congratulations.

  • AMDG

    Lovely, gorgeous colour and texture combination. Jealous!

  • Kay

    Honestly? I want to see the Many bags of Megs Mahoney Dusil :)
    Great bag!

    • We were just talking about that! I think we should def show you more of my bags :)

      • Amanda

        I’ve been yearning for years to see shots of your entire collection! You choose such interesting pieces!

  • RoseDahlia

    Wow, your so right this is a very unique combination, and yet i am sure it is the kind of colour that you could figure into your outfit at least every other day if you wanted to.
    And i second the call for a post on the “Many Bags of Megs Mahoney Dusil.”


  • Lilay

    Wow! That is gorgeous! Who took the photos? Was it Vlad?

  • Chelsa

    This is amazing! I purchased my first Celine bag from the same store this week and afterward bought myself a box of macaroons right next door. Great minds think alike :-)

  • MAC

    Love the bag and the video is so cute! How did you create it or is that a secret you’ll never tell lol?

    • Haha xoxo Gossip Girl! It is a bunch of images put together into a video

      • MAC

        lol ahh ok. Thank you!

  • marina harbor

    Congrats on the bag!!, the Celine trapeze has the perfect shape!!!, by the way what did your sister buy?

    • She got a grey Trapeze – it’s stunning! We will take photos to share it as well

  • Sophie Proust

    Love the video. But in this case — wherein you are like a rocket-propelled missile and the Celine store is your target — the correct phrase is “homing device,” not “honing device.” :) Enjoy the new bag.

  • John

    I don’t know what I found more enjoyable, the unveiling video or the bag itself! The video was just so fun to watch, and the bag is just beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Grace

    i am currently researching and want to get a celine trapeze. i can’t find my favorite royal blue anymore and sales said it’s old color. what else color you recommend? i saw orange and yellow for winter 2013. Tks.

    • There are some beautiful tri-color options, would you like something like that? Also, a stunning grey color

  • khawla

    Very beautiful am in love ?_?
    I have the trio (black green and orange) and the black is already has some finger prints and scare :-( so disappointed
    Do you know any good products or solution for those ?

    Love ur blog xxx

  • Waleria Kociemba

    Pi?kna torebka, ?mieszna i zabawna animacja z makaronikami:)

  • ayana93

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