If you’ve ever bought a Celine bag (and a lot of you have), you know it can be a complicated and, at times, frustrating process. When the Celine Luggage Tote first gained popularity several years ago, the brand forbade retailers from selling its wares online, which drove bag lovers to call and visit any number of department stores and boutiques in search of the right bag in the right color. Celine bags are now easy to come by in stores, though, so why can’t the brand just make us happy and sell them online?

A couple of years ago, for a company trying to build caché and buzz with a new designer and a nascent It Bag on its hands, Celine’s online sales ban made a certain amount of sense. A big part of fueling consumer desire in the luxury sector is creating the impression that your product is rare and valued highly by those who seek it, and if a bag is available at every online retailer known to man in a variety of colors, it’s hard to make the case for rarity. Making something hard to get only makes those who are interested yearn for it more, and making its bags (and everything else) scarce worked wonders for both Celine’s buzzworthiness and its bottom line. Now that the Luggage Tote has reached critical mass and Celine has solidified its spot within the industry, though, it might be time to change courses in order to reach even more customers. The bags are no longer impossible to come by.

The only other two major bag brands that I can think of that flatly refuse to sell their wares online are Chanel and Goyard; Chanel reps have talked openly about why they’ll only sell beauty and fragrance to those of us who enjoy online shopping (they don’t think that online sales provide the “Chanel experience,” although the company is looking to start offering ready-to-wear via its website in the next few years), and Goyard’s products are so often personalized that an in-person experience makes sense. Beyond that, all the major brands offer their bags online in some capacity.

Even Hermes, the king of handbag exclusivity and enormous waiting lists, sells a pretty wide variety of its products online, including plenty of handbags. (Although, notably, not its Birkins or Kellys.) Demand for Hermes products has only increased across the board, which is proof positive that when done correctly, online sales don’t necessarily harm a brand’s image or decrease the devotion of its clientele. After all, what’s more luxurious than ordering a product and having someone else fetch it and bring it to you in your own home? Anyone who lives in New York and has tried Net-a-Porter’s same-day metro delivery knows that it beats pretty much any other shopping experience there is.

We got excited recently when we saw a major retailer’s website start showing up in Google searches for Celine products, but as it turns out, there are currently no plans to actually retail the brand online. You can imagine our disappointment. So if not now, when? Celine is staying mum on the subject, but with the Luggage Tote and Trapeze Satchel readily available on retail shelves everywhere, we think it’s time that the brand loosened its reigns on online shoppers.

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  • Guest

    Agreed. If you make it hard for me to give you two thousand dollars, I will spend it with someone who’s grateful for my business, instead.

  • MT

    Dior isn’t online anymore either :(

    • Ahh you’re right, I had forgotten about them since they took things offline so recently. I’m hoping they’ll follow in LV’s footsteps and open a web store in the next year.

      • marina

        Dior is not online in USA but you can buy DIor in Europe online! Don’t know why!

  • Catita

    yeah! Come one Celine, it is time to start being visible online!!!

    • Rodeo Drive Worldwide

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  • Sandra

    I came very close to purchasing a Luggage Tote and I would have if Celine had made it a little easier for me. I was told to add my name to a waiting list and call back periodically….ummm NO! I happily gave my money to YSL and purchased a Chyc bag, and they went above and beyond to help me. At this point I am actually glad I did not get the Luggage Tote as the market is inundated with them…even though they made it so difficult to actually purchase one. The luxury shopping experience should be customer service to the extreme when dropping $2000.00 – $3000.00 for anything.

    • bloomB

      hi guys who is interested in buying a celine mini lugguage?

    • Rodeo Drive Worldwide

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    • Louisa

      Lol! Good on you. Why make things trickier for the buyer. I’m not actually looking to buy a Celine bag but it’s annoying how you can’t even find the prices online. At least let us know exactly how much money that we’re going to part with.

  • FashionableLena

    I’m not a fan of the Luggage tote, but I’m not sure about the whole “Celine experience”. I’ve seen them in Saks, Neiman’s, and Nordstrom’s. So, for me, it’s a department store experience. Now, I would love to have the Chanel experience.
    I guess that I don’t see Celine as a luxury brand, and I can’t put my finger on as to why.

  • Could it be, perhaps, that Celine won’t be able to keep up with demand if they offer their products online? When I do see them in department stores or even in a stand-alone Celine store, it always seems like there are only one or two pieces of the same style. And, two years ago, at least, when I bought my luggage, they refuse to even sell the last display piece. So how can they expect to meet what will most likely be a huge demand online, if they can barely stock their brick-and-mortar stores? Maybe they just don’t have the scale to go online yet.

  • Natalie

    I am a serious Celine-lover, and have purchased a total of five Celine accessories in a few international locations. All my shopping experiences but one have taken place in department stores, which were quite mediocre, service-wise. The one bag I have purchased in an actual Celine boutique (in Miami’s Designer District) was absolutely sublime, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is such a thing as Celine “experience”, which is furthermore much less commercial feeling than Chanel’s or Hermes’.

  • dbld

    I bought a Celine luggage tote in Paris last September after waiting an extra day because each store (Paris has two boutiques) can only sell a limited number of bags per day. I was turned away one afternoon and directed to shop early to make the purchase. I showed up when the store opened and made the purchase.

    • Des

      Did you still pay 1,000-3,000 for it?

  • Casey

    I work at Nordstrom Fashion Valley in San Diego and my friend in handbags says that a lot of Celine bags don’t even make it onto the sales floor. Either they call people who they know will want the bag or people will call us and the bag is gone before you know it. I think the internet is already so flooded with pictures of the luggage tote, it’s a good thing that they keep a bit of the allure, it makes people want the bag a little more. With that being said, I work right next to the Celine display and seeing them rotate the bags every few days makes me cry because they’re all so beautiful and there are so many of them and I can’t have them all.

  • wow just reading all the stories.. I would definitely buy from the brand that makes my shopping expirience comfortable. Chaising a bag all over the planet doesn’t excite me at all, since there are so many designs out there that I like. But then maybe I’m not Celine’s target customer. Some people do value their purchase more if they worked extra hard to get it.

  • ashley keys

    I am selling my celine bag, its a mini one, rare, 100%authentic. It is a three colour mini luggage, if your interested, please email me ashleykeysxo@gmail.com. Its very cheap and authentic

  • xoxo

    there are many sites that sell fake celine bags. its quite annoying, that there is no official store, where you can buy the bags – it makes it easier for the fake sites to trick people, i think.

  • mary

    I came very close to purchasing a Luggage Tote and I would have if Celine had made it a little easier for me.

    • Rodeo Drive Worldwide

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  • Olivia

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    I have a celine bag for sale im in nyc, its a red phantom if your intrestead pls leave me an email and ill send you more pics, brand new in the box never worn.