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  • lavinia

    I love Celine bags the only point for me is that they are very heavy to take…not really a good idea for a working girl…

    • c.Miller

      I completely agree and feel that I never use my Celine, especially living in a city I am always choosing my crossbody/mini bags!

    • Sonia

      I agree. I immediately fell in love with my Celine when I saw at the NYC boutique, but felt so intimidated carrying it in the city and on the subway. I never carried all my stuff, in order to avoid the heavy weight. Nonetheless, the weight of the bag made marks on the inside of my elbow and my lower arm go numb. Add to that, if I had to run, I’d use the shoulder strap, but it rarely stayed on my shoulder and it made getting around in a hurry a hassle.

  • Guest

    Lovely, lovely bags. I especially like the textured leathers.

  • Mel

    What about the Tie bag? That’s my favorite!

  • missarewa

    I absolutely love the lizard box. More designers need to make lizard bags. At that price though, I’ll be loving from afar. I have to add that it looks like Celine may be pricing their newer styles fairly instead of following the price increase madness a la Chanel

  • Khaya

    My favorite is the lizard Box Bag, WOW!!

  • Karina

    Same old! Same old! How many times can you revisit a classic? Celine needs some fresh talent desperately!

    • Maya


  • Guest

    That lizard box bag will forever be my dream bag!

  • FashionableLena

    Pictures 22 and 23 look like Coach bags. Some of the hobos look like the old YSL Roadys. The only Celint bags that really interest me are the box ones.

    • Shanelle

      That is because they are a pretty close copy of the Coach Legacy Archive Bucket Totes from over a year ago. The center button on the front pocket is a facsimile of the Fossil bucket bag that copied from Coach.

  • Loving the Edge bags!!

  • anon

    Wait a minute. Is the bum bag a fanny pack?!?!

  • anon

    I generally like all of these designs. They’re very clean and simple with an emphasis on color combination and texture. But, I still don’t see a bag that can overtake their luggage/trapeze/trio designs. I feel like Celine may be stuck with those three as their signature bags for a while.

  • nappy

    No Nanos? And trios?

    • MP

      there’s a lot of models/sizes/colors/leathers not shown in the catalogue, but there will be Nanos and Trios.

  • michelle

    How about some Clutches?

  • Bo

    sheesh… Could the Medium Ring Bag look any more like a By the Way cheap knock off from WalMart?

    • Guest

      WTH are you talking about? They don’t even look remotely similar. Stop reaching.

  • jane

    Hi Amanda,

    I was thinking if you can tell me if celine has this in tricolor and which season is it. I browsed all the blog about the celine season collection but could not find this color. Please help.

  • Leslee

    I like the Micro Luggage Tote in Tricolor Textile. The colors blend beautifully, and the overall design is awesome.

  • cee

    where are the tie totes???!

  • Abby

    I want the Small Vertical Cabas Tote, looks very practical and it won’t be awkward to rough it and toss it around, I wonder what colors it comes in? if it has a zip top I’ll surely get all colors!

  • Cassandra Smith

    I love how Celine has focused on great shapes but not sacrificing the comfort and use their bags can offer to their customers. Great marketing.

  • Kali

    Wait a second… elephant calfskin?! Can someone please confirm if that’s referencing the color or the actual leather type? All I can think about are little baby elephants…

    • Lt

      It’s actually stamped elephant on calf leather.

      • Kali

        Thank you for clarifying! Now I can stop worrying about baby elephants :)

      • TMA

        It’s sad to kill any baby animal, calfs included.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, may I know in which season is this celine micro Tri color from?Thanks in advance!

  • Judy

    I am totally confused with the new sizes of trapeze. Can you help me? Is the new small old mini? And the medium old small??

  • mia

    does any one know how much the micro bag costs in nyc after tax?

  • zarah

    I just love the celine small edge bag.I want know more collections in modern handbags.
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  • sirrhyyan

    Just purchased my very first Celine bag and its the classic Celine box bag in tan. I died. Obsessing about it. ;) just right for everyday use.

  • Shopper

    I don’t get it. These don’t appeal to me. What am i missing here? Someone educate me!

  • Guest

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  • i love Céline Small Edge Bag ~!!!!!


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  • Carn Waxler

    I know this isn’t the prevailing view, but I think the Trapeze and Phantom bags are, bluntly speaking, hideous. I see nothing attractive or even functional about bags with these absurd dumbo wings. Sorry, IME, there’s a strong whiff of the emperor’s new clothes when it comes to the hype about these particular bags. (Also, what on earth is “crisped” leather? It looks like plain old pebbled leather to me.)

  • Beffe1965

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  • Stylesplendorbliss Tasha Juli

    The Box Bag is my favorite, but they are all amazing!
    Tasha Juli

  • QueenPosh .

    I adore the look of the Belt bags and the new Celine Ring bags are gorgeous. The smooth Palmelato used on some of the bags makes them look so utterly chic. I am loving Celine more and more.