Here’s the virtually ageless Winona Ryder, carrying a sleek, black Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel around Manhattan. She and Marc are real-life pals; she did an ad campaign for his brand back in 2003, and they once shared a spread in Harper’s Bazaar. If that doesn’t indicate a close, personal friendship betwixt celeb buddies, then what does, exactly? I hope that Marc gave her a serious “friends and family” discount on this sporty leather satchel, as it’s currently priced at $2,295 at Net-a-Porter.

You know who I wish I saw more in films? Winona Ryder. For the last decade, she seems to have subsisted on barely-there indie films and teensy bit parts in giant Hollywood blockbusters. (Remember her as Spock’s mother in the last Star Trek movie? Or as the scary, past-her-prime ballerina in Black Swan?) Did people just get sick of her big-eyed, damsel/ingenue schtick? I loved practically everything she did in the ’90’s. She’s now 42, but she barely looks 32 – can we get her a juicy movie role, please?

Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel Black-4

Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel Black-1

Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel Black-2

Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel Black-3

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  • Yerani_km

    Ask and you shall receive, I heard she is in a big film that’s either coming out or is already out about the Italian crime family. Just don’t ask me what the name of the movie is…PS one of my fav MJ bags but why so expensive Marc?

  • Arnold

    20$ says she shop-lifted the bag

  • ReneeO

    She doesn’t get juicy roles because of her shoplifting days. I, for one, will never attend one of her movies. I don’t know why she shoplifted, but I’m sure it wasn’t because she was destitute. I think that’s what people are sick of. There should be consequences for bad behavior. I hope she paid retail for that bag!

    • AaronT

      Well I hope you boycott Sean Penn for his domestic abuse, Robert Downey Jr. for his multiple drug arrests, Hugh Grant for his dalliances with prostitutes, Mel Gibson for his homophobic, anti-Semitic and racist tirades and every other actor who has done something far worse than attempting (and failing) to steal goods from Saks. If getting arrested for stealing isn’t enough of a punishment for stealing I don’t know what is.

      • ReneeO

        Exactly. Our nation reveres celebrities so much even when there is nothing to revere; they are no different than anyone else. It’s embarrassing. I actually admire Robert Downey, he overcame a very serious drug problem after many tries. Not an easy thing to do.

      • Porter

        Well, we won’t lose sleep when we don’t see you in theaters in November when Homefront comes out. Boo hoo! Self-righteous much?

      • kate

        I’m with you. She was clearly shoplifting because she had some sort of mental disorder, not because she was greedy. Whatever it was, she got help for her issues and hasn’t (at least publicly) had problems since. It’s amazing to me that this ridiculousness derailed her career. I still think of her as an icon (who hasn’t seen Heathers?!) Anyone who thinks she still deserves to be punished for a minor, nonviolent, nondangerous crime that happened many years ago needs a reality check.

  • Alex

    It happened over a decade ago! Get over it! She did receive the consequences. She doesn’t need to be forgiven by Hollywood. She didn’t anybody any harm but herself. There are other actors who have done worse, like drunk driving and domestic violence…and have repeated the mistake. This one mistake shouldn’t derail her career. Imagined if it was you. Just get over it! She looks amazing, as she’s said before, she’s happier than she’s ever been. I’m def on Winona’s side as is so many others! Wooo Wino Forever

    • ReneeO

      When someone says “Winona”, first word that comes to them is “shoplifter”. Who cares if she look fabulous?

    • AaronT

      I’m with you Alex, it is mind boggling that the shoplifting is held against her years later when other celebrities do far worse daily and are given pats on the back. WinoForever indeed!

    • Arnold

      I think the odd nature of the incident causes it to be an indispensable part of her career. It’s a man-bites-dog situation, whereas we virtually expect celebrities to drink and drive and use drugs.

      That being said she did cause others harm. Any criminal charges drain government resources, which are funded by taxpayers.

      Furthermore, her looking “fabulous” should have no bearing on what the public thinks of her criminal record. Any statement otherwise is superficial and archaic.

  • thescm

    The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of her is Edward Scissorhands…and she still looks very much like the teenaged girl she played in that film.

  • Guest

    There’s nothing wrong with being 42 and looking it. Or not. Your ageism is appalling and definitely not the kind of thing that I expect to find on the Purse Blog. If you’re lucky, you’ll be 42 one day. If we’re lucky, your writing, and the thought that goes into it, will improve long before then.