victoria beckham armani bagIt seems as though Victoria Beckham is a living Marc Jacobs ad lately. Her dress closet has been comprised of Marc Jacobs dresses, and while each dress looks a little blah on the mannequin, Victoria pulls it off with flying colors. And what is her bag of choice with all of her Marc Jacobs dresses? It has been Hermes as of late, until this past weekend. As she shopped with her kids at Barney’s in Beverly Hills, Victoria Beckham wore the Marc Jacobs Dabble Print Tunic Dress and paired it with the Giorgio Armani Croc-Embossed Tote. When I first spotted this bag I was wracking my brain trying to figure out the designer, but with a little help on tPF, we figured it all out. The handbag is designed with beige crocodile embossed leather and is for sale at Neiman Marcus for $1,695. As for the dress, it is on sale at Net A Porter for $1,950.

victoria beckham armani bag victoria beckham armani bag

Giorgio Armani Croc-Embossed Tote

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  • lightblue84

    i love the bag!! it’s stunning!

  • melvina

    love everything on her..from head to toe..especially the bag..=p

  • Grace

    I love POSH! :) Even thou she’s like a walking mannequin… I love her style :D

  • Jahpson

    gorgeous classy woman.

  • fashionistas

    Love the bag, love the dress, love her style

  • karry kasim

    as usual she’s flawless, but i cant imagine shopping with my kids carrying this HUGE bag..i wonder whats in it?? :lol:

  • Rebecca

    that boy loves his hats. look shes buying him another lol

  • pradafan_1

    Love everithing of her…dress, bag, style she’s an icon :mrgreen: whit a great taste

  • mette

    These pictures just look ridiculous. Look at the impression on the mom and boy. They both look so depressed.And why must Posh shop all the time and carry around her kids,when I bet they would just love to play outdoors ?

  • Mey

    Yeah, Love everithing of Victoria — dress, bag, style, and even her boy! She has always been recognized worldwide for her chic, stylish look. Even I have gotten some help from her fashion book “That Extra Half an Inch” that I found online: , and I am alsolutely thinking David Beckham is a lucky dog that married to this icon! :razz:

  • Plum Blossom

    I’m shy to admit I’m actually starting to like VB more each time I see new pictures of her. :oops:

    I don’t really like the bag on her, but her Marc Jacobs dress looks fab on her. Love her hair & the sunglasses too!

  • HndBgAunterial

    That bag is divine….

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  • ej victoria how are you you are very butiful girl and david a good man but you are expensive family ok see you love feergie

  • Jelita78

    she is indeed classy..
    but after a while, looks kinda blah with the almost-so-perfect-same-fashion..
    still waiting for her to surprise us with totally different and unexpected look..
    maybe something fun..
    that is if the word “fun” ever exist for her! (ipad)