Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs Leopard Chain Link Satchel

Ok so these pictures are a tad old, but either way Victoria Beckham looks gorgeous in both and is rocking out a bag that has made it to the celeb radar as hot hot hot. Upon first glance, the Marc Jacobs Leopard Chain Link Satchel is a bit overpowering for me with the leopard print shearling body and chain link strap. But this bag may make it big time (it already is sold out at Saks) because celebs like Mrs. Beckham are seen wearing it; and let’s face it, the media and celebrities do influence many of our styles. I am trying to decide if in picture 2 she is having someone carry it for her, or she got it for her assistant/friend/person not as hot as her also. The bag is sold out right now at Saks but I assume you can make your way to a waiting list if you want to emulate Mrs. Beckham. {Saks for $1950}

Marc Jacobs Leopard Chain Link Satchel


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