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  • Catherina

    That Balenciaga color is awesome!

  • Sofia

    I can’t believe Bella Thorne is only 17

    • Melanie

      Ikr!? Her and Kylie Jenner look so much older.

    • Imgoingbroke

      I can’t believe now flat her stomach is!!!

      • I was envious about that too. Zero bloat. She eat no carbs salt or soda.

    • Really?! I wish I had style when I was that age

  • Lisa

    Love your article title! No question these bags are much more interesting than their owners!!

  • Melanie

    Didn’t the TV adaption Scream already premiere?

  • Sandy

    Not sure about the bucket bag trend but I do love the Saint Laurent better than the Mansur Gavriel bags that have been selling out everywhere.

    • Imgoingbroke

      Last week I received my brand new Mansur Gavriel bucket bag and I was terribly disappointed in all aspects of that bag. I didn’t even need to “sleep on it”. I just repackaged it and off it went back to Net-A-Porter. I am now going to buy the Saint Laurent Studded bucket.

      • Wow. What didn’t you like about it? There growing on me and I’d like it if you could kill that weed so I can save for a different bag.

      • Imgoingbroke

        HEH! I’ll try to kill that weed for you. I didn’t like the way that leather was VERY stiff and structured. I know that cow leather is thick and stiff, but I have to say that it felt like plastic – like a beach bucket! The leather was also highly polished, therefore would get scratched all the time. The interior was red leather, which aesthetically I liked, but there were no slip pockets or zip pockets…just a big ‘ol bucket with a detachable tiny zip pouch. The worst part was the leather drawstring which is just a length of super stiff leather that you have to tie in a bow every time you want to close the bag. The drawstring was so stiff that it was impossible to get in and out of the bag quickly. I found this to be very inconvenient. I was very disappointed and bummed that it was not a practical bag at all.

  • Dylan Propst

    Scream has been on for like a month already if I recall. I have it DVR’d and one comes on tonight.

  • Dinorath Guzman Cruz

    I love the color of Dorothy’s bag. That jade color is so beautiful!

  • Imgoingbroke

    I love that Saint Laurent studded bucket. I want it so badly. Off topic, am I the only “hand bag enthusiast” that greatly dislikes the Hermes Birkin? In my opinion, it is a really dull, and rather ugly, looking bag. I’ve been wanting to ask this question for a while now.

    • No. I’m the same way… Just never were very appealing to me. Kind of boring. I’ve only ever seen 2 that I like, and 1 I would buy (the club wang has). The other 1 of the 2 is an “admire from afar but wouldn’t actually want” (the neon ones).

    • L.O.


  • Kaly

    The Kelly in jade is absolutely gorgeous!!! And I love the yellow on the Bal!

  • Kaly

    Almost forgot, Caitlyn’s Versace is amazing!!