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  • Marie Jojes

    Not necessarily a fan of Rhianna as a musician, but her style is definitely eclectic and interesting.
    I appreciate a celebrity that wears a range of designers and bag styles. I am
    so sick and tired of being besieged with photos of Birkin/Chanel-carrying celebrities
    that all look like they’ve been cut with the same cookie cutter fashion mold.
    Rhianna has a little edge and she pulls it off nicely, right down to the choice
    of her bags.
    Thanks for this feature.

    • Aoedele

      Her music is fun actually, not a great singer, but her songs match her
      personality, varied and fun. I think Rihanna and Gwen Stefani can wear
      the strangest combo and make it work. I haven’t been feeling her style
      lately though, but love all the bags, that’s one closet I would love to
      raid Anyone notice her hair changes as often as her bags?

      • Guest

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  • missarewa

    love this feature and love Rihanna even more!

  • cbl

    i think she’s so gorgeous, but i don’t like her for dior. though i think i like it more than r. pattinson for dior :P

  • Seleena

    The bag is a Janvier – the website seems to have disappeared now though so maybe the company no longer exists. They were semi-popular a couple of years ago! http://www.farfetch.com/uk/shopping/women/janvier-paparazzi-shoulder-bag-item-10699316.aspx

    • Seleena

      The bag in slide 12 that is :)

  • Liana Hua

    Please tell me your going to do a part 3 for Nicky Hilton!? I just love her style.

  • She’s stunning and a total original. She’s feminine, yet masculine, and totally comfortable with her looks. She exudes confidence. Love her.

  • Elisa


  • cat myser

    Does anyone know the exact brand and style of her creme and black shearling lined jacket featured in slides 34-36?

    • Rosanna

      I think it’s Chloe from a couple of season back…

  • Debbie Closner

    Not a musical fan of her but absolutely adore her collection of handbags!!!

  • Bitch

    Yucks I hate Gucci brand yucks makes me wanna puke the design are all the same.

  • marie

    Crap! Thats a lot of bags! Can’t keep up. But she hella unique and exotic looking with them green eyes and big lips. Sexy b!tch.