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The Many Bags of Rihanna, Part Three

Before we get started, I should admit something: Rihanna is probably my favorite famous person in the world. She’s gorgeous, she’s talented and she always looks like she’s having a lot of fun, in spite of the constraints of fame. She also has a body that can only be described as “bangin'” and employs it to great effect when it comes to fashion; she’ll try anything, combine anything and then be on to the next look before you can digest what just happened.

She has the range of someone like Lady Gaga or Anna Dello Russo, but without the self-seriousness that those two bring to personal style. With Rihanna, it feels like she’s doing it all to amuse herself, and maybe to amuse us a little bit, too. With that brings the use of tons of different bags, and because RiRi is a favorite target of the paparazzi, we have plenty of pictures to follow her handbag journey. That’s why she’s the first person to get a third “Many Bags”–her collection is an embarrassment of riches.

Below, check out nearly three dozen new editions to Rihanna’s bag collection since the last time we saw her. Or, just check out nearly three dozen photos of Rihanna being awesome. You can look at it either way.

Givenchy Antigona Zip Pouch
$450 via Barneys

Rihanna, like most of the cool Hollywood kids, carries and wears her fair share of Givenchy.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-1

Balenciaga Crocodile Cable Bag
$1,615 via Balenciaga in Regular Leather

Some celebrities are all about exotics, but Rihanna seems to like variation and fun more than she likes carrying the most expensive thing possible. This bag is likely the most expensive in our roundup.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-2

Givenchy Antigona Zip Pouch
$450 via Barneys

Among my favorite things about Rihanna’s personal style is that she can pull off things that would look absolutely insane and inappropriate on literally any other person on Earth.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-3

Jacquie Aiche Sweet Leaf Weed Clutch

Rihanna’s also the only famous person I can think of who can carry a clutch with a giant pot leaf on it without attracting the attention of pearl-clutchers everywhere.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-4

Chloé Baylee Bag
$2,250 via Barneys

I feel the same way that the dude in the background does.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-5

Goyard Boeing Duffel Bag

Even if you aren’t into Rihanna, you have to admit that she has range; her personal style allows her to look right at home wearing and carrying things from a huge variety of brands.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-6

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Bag
$1,820 via Louis Vuitton

Pictures of Rihanna are worth enough that paparazzi actually follow her home to her native Barbados when she visits, which is how we get pictures of her carrying Louis Vuitton on the beach.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-7

Givenchy Croc-Embossed Antigona Bag
$2,435 via Bergdorf Goodman

Perhaps the most common photos we see of Rihanna, though, are at airports. TSA is the great equalizer.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-8

Stella McCartney Cavendish Boston Bag
$1,435 via Saks

When Rihanna goes to Paris Fashion Week, it’s nothing but a non-stop parade of outfits.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-9

Chanel Micro Mini Bag

This picture isn’t exceptional now, but it’s much more interesting when you realize it was taken well over a year ago, before bags this tiny were a fashion favorite.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-10

Stella McCartney Beckett Backpack
Shop Stella McCartney via Saks

That guy in the background? Rihanna’s dad.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-11

There are relatively few bags in Rihanna’s considerable arsenal that have eluded my identification, but this is among them.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-12

Prada Face Bag
Shop Prada via Bergdorf Goodman

If I could make one request of celebrities in general, it would be that they carry their bags on the paparazzi side.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-13

Christian Dior Mini Lady Dior Bag

In case you hadn’t heard the news late last week, Rihanna is officially Dior’s latest face.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-14

Louis Vuitton Damier Alma BB Bag
$1,200 via Louis Vuitton

I don’t blame you if you’re blame by RiRi’s sorta-terrifying sweatshirt, but try to focus on the bag and it’ll all be fine.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-15

Balmain Striped Clutch

Rihanna does a minimal look just as well as she does maximalism.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-16

Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag
Christian Dior Addict Tote

Rihanna is probably carrying more material in her two handbags than she’s wearing on her body, which is how we all want to be when it’s really hot in New York City.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-17

Alexander Wang Sneaker Clutch
$1,295 via Neiman Marcus

This picture and the one after it are interesting. This is Rihanna arriving at an Alexander Wang fashion show…

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-18

Prada Mini Galleria Tote
$1,060 via Bergdorf Goodman

Meanwhile, this was Rihanna minutes before, leaving her apartment to head to the Alexander Wang show with a different bag.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-19

Gucci Soho Mini Bag
Shop via Gucci

Most celebrities do a fairly good job keeping their external expressions blandly positive; Rihanna, on the other hand, lets us know how she feels.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-20

Stella McCartney Knit Hobo
Shop Stella McCartney via Saks

This whole situation looks very cozy.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-21

Marc Jacobs Ostrich Trouble Shoulder Bag
$2,900 via Saks

The dress brings out Rihanna’s eyes.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-22

Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable Bag

Rihanna looks approximately as excited to see the paparazzi at the airport as I would be.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-23

Chanel Shearling Flap Bag

There are a few Chanel pieces in this roundup, but I’m honestly a bit surprised there aren’t more; the brand seems like it would fit Rihanna’s mixture of luxury and streetwear perfectly. She definitely should own a Chanel Graffiti Backpack, but there is not one to be found!

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-24

Chanel Belt Bag

I always want to call these “fanny packs,” but I know that means something entirely different to our British readers.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-25

Givenchy Lucrezia Bag
$2,250 via MyTheresa

Sitting courtside at NBA games is one of Rihanna’s favorite hobbies. Even though she looks mad here, I’d generally kill to look half as cool doing anything as Rihanna does going to basketball games.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-26

Balmain x Aurelie Bidermann Pierre Bag

Lest you think Rihanna never repeats anything, she carried this bag often over the past few months after leaving it alone for a couple years.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-27

Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry Twisted Monogram Box Bag

This bag is more of a collector’s item than a functional purse to carry, so it makes perfect sense that celebrities with fashion cred love it.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-28

Givenchy Triangle Large Clutch
$1,890 via Saks

This is another one of those bags.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-29

Fendi 3Baguette Bag
$2,550 via Saks

This particular 3Baguette is one that Rihanna designed to be auctioned off for charity.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-30

Goyard St. Louis Tote

At this point, I’m pretty sure everyone in Hollywood has one of these totes and uses it regularly for traveling.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-31

Ralph Lauren Ricky Embroidered Bag
$2,500 via Neiman Marcus

Ralph Lauren is a brand best known for its traditional American style, but the embroidery on this bag feels just a little bit punk. Obviously, it’s the one Rihanna had to have.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-32

DSquared2 Suede Tote
Shop DSquared via LUISAVIAROMA

I appreciate the Rihanna, who is famously unashamed of public nudity in various levels, had the biggest, puffiest, least sexy coat of us all this winter.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-33

Chanel Girl Bag

For being very fashion-y, this looks like a pretty comfy outfit for international air travel.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-34

Christian Dior Diorama Bag

Even though I appreciate the ways that Rihanna toys with early 2000s trends like the the plush track suit, I truly hope she does not manage to bring them back to popularity.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-35

Gucci Lady Web Bag
$1,900 via Gucci

Well-fitting jeans, a shearling bomber and a Gucci bag: this is as girl-next-door as Rihanna gets.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 3-36


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Graceful Shopper
Graceful Shopper
9 years ago

She’s stunning and a total original. She’s feminine, yet masculine, and totally comfortable with her looks. She exudes confidence. Love her.

Marie Jojes
Marie Jojes
9 years ago

Not necessarily a fan of Rhianna as a musician, but her style is definitely eclectic and interesting.
I appreciate a celebrity that wears a range of designers and bag styles. I am
so sick and tired of being besieged with photos of Birkin/Chanel-carrying celebrities
that all look like they’ve been cut with the same cookie cutter fashion mold.
Rhianna has a little edge and she pulls it off nicely, right down to the choice
of her bags.
Thanks for this feature.

9 years ago
Reply to  Marie Jojes

Her music is fun actually, not a great singer, but her songs match her
personality, varied and fun. I think Rihanna and Gwen Stefani can wear
the strangest combo and make it work. I haven’t been feeling her style
lately though, but love all the bags, that’s one closet I would love to
raid Anyone notice her hair changes as often as her bags?

9 years ago
Reply to  Aoedele

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Liana Hua
Liana Hua
9 years ago

Please tell me your going to do a part 3 for Nicky Hilton!? I just love her style.

9 years ago

love this feature and love Rihanna even more!

9 years ago

i think she’s so gorgeous, but i don’t like her for dior. though i think i like it more than r. pattinson for dior 😛

9 years ago

The bag is a Janvier – the website seems to have disappeared now though so maybe the company no longer exists. They were semi-popular a couple of years ago! http://www.farfetch.com/uk/shopping/women/janvier-paparazzi-shoulder-bag-item-10699316.aspx

9 years ago
Reply to  Seleena

The bag in slide 12 that is 🙂

9 years ago


cat myser
cat myser
9 years ago

Does anyone know the exact brand and style of her creme and black shearling lined jacket featured in slides 34-36?

9 years ago
Reply to  cat myser

I think it’s Chloe from a couple of season back…

Debbie Closner
Debbie Closner
9 years ago

Not a musical fan of her but absolutely adore her collection of handbags!!!

9 years ago

Yucks I hate Gucci brand yucks makes me wanna puke the design are all the same.

9 years ago

Crap! Thats a lot of bags! Can’t keep up. But she hella unique and exotic looking with them green eyes and big lips. Sexy b!tch.