The Celeb Bag Game is Extra Strong This Week

First of all, props to our fabulous readers for promptly helping us identify the mystery bag from our last celebrity bag round-up. We are eternally #blessed to have your collective bag knowledge and wisdom at our disposal. (Ciara was carrying a Ralph Lauren Bucket Bag, by the way, and we are clearly not spending enough time at the mall.) This week we have some easily identifiable (but fabulous) bags from Chloé, Céline, Chanel and even more Ralph Lauren. The only mystery here is which one of these bags will magically appear in your personal collection first.

Caitlyn Jenner
Max Mara Whitney Bag

Caitlyn Jenner was recently spotted leaving a Starbucks in Malibu with a brown leather Max Mara Whitney Bag, which is the Max Mara-Whitney Museum collab bag that made its debut last spring.


EJ Johnson
Hermès Birkin

Here’s EJ Johnson, hanging out in LA and casually defying all gender expectations with one of his favorite Birkins. (P.S. The Many Bags of EJ Johnson TOTALLY exists now.)


Pamela Anderson
Bottega Veneta Cabat Bag
Shop Bottega Veneta via Neiman Marcus

Paps recently spotted Pam Anderson heading into The View in NYC with an oversized woven Bottega Veneta bag. Pam is making the press rounds to promote her new book RAW, which is diary-style collaboration that features sexy behind-the-scenes photos of Pam, and also original Pamela Anderson poetry. YES.


Reese Witherspoon
Chloé Drew Bag
$1,950 via Saks

Here’s a smiling Reese Witherspoon, minding her own business in LA and paying no heed to the fact that I want to own everything she’s wearing right now, including that cute black Chloé Drew with white piping. Seriously though, Reese, I’m gonna need those deets.


Riley Keough
Céline Classic Box Bag

This is actress/model/Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough, hanging out with fellow actor Jake Hoffman (who is Dustin Hoffman’s son!) in the East Village. Riley is carrying a beautiful red Céline Classic Box Bag, which looks way better with double denim than one might expect.


Sofia Richie
Chanel Stingray Boy Bag

I don’t envy Sofia Richie. She’s 17 and really doesn’t actively court the spotlight (though she models a bit), but paps know what she looks like and follow her around anyway. In any case, here she is, just trying to live her life outside of Fred Segal in West Hollywood. She’s carrying a gorgeous Chanel Stingray Boy Bag.


Tina Knowles
Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag
$2,500 via Neiman Marcus

Here’s Queen Bey’s mum Tina Knowles, heading to a salon in Beverly Hills with a sumptuous black leather Ralph Lauren Ricky. Ms. Knowles, I would like to compliment you on your excellent taste in pants.


Winona Ryder
Marc Jacobs Antonia Bag
Shop Marc Jacobs via Saks

Finally, here’s a final one-off from NYFW: it’s Winona Ryder, leaving her hotel in NYC the morning after the Marc Jacobs show with a Marc Jacobs Antonia Bag. (The message on her graphic tee tragically remains forever obscured. Something about…FUN, maybe?) Marc gives a lot of love to all of his/our favorite ageless 90s Hollywood starlets.



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  1. missarewa Avatar

    Love the Celine box and how Riley styled it casually

    1. Mya Wilkes Avatar
      Mya Wilkes

      Love it too. But its so expensive!

  2. Irene Avatar

    EJ’s Herme is fabulous. Love that color

    1. Olivia J. Avatar
      Olivia J.

      Agreed. Awesome color.

  3. Shang Avatar

    I think the chanel bag in 6 looks more like lizard rather than stingray

    1. Alexis Frost Avatar
      Alexis Frost

      yeap, it’s ring lizard

  4. Emily Avatar

    Slide 5 – I think that’s Erin Heatherton, no?

  5. Grace Avatar

    Slide #5 is not Riley Keough plus she’s not that tall. I think that’s Erin Heatherton.

  6. Sparky Avatar

    I confess: i read these celeb postings for the witty commentaries, not the bags (or celebs)!

  7. riquita Avatar

    Reese Witherspoon’s clothes are by Draper James (draperjames.com). It’s Reese Witherspoon’s clothing brand.

    1. Smithy Avatar

      It’s very Kate Spade. Not for me. Too precious preppy….although very fitting for Reese’s style.

  8. Lori Avatar

    Pamela Anderson looks great. Her entire look is very classic. Love the bag!

  9. Unapologetic Avatar

    I see the term Celebrity means absolutely nothing anymore. This should have been called “Who’s that and Hasbeens” ridiculous!

    1. JH Avatar

      I was just thinking that Purseblog jas a very generous definition of celebrity.

    2. Sparkletastic Avatar

      Agreed. If you are an attention wh**e and carry a bag, you’re a celebrity ????

  10. FashionableLena Avatar

    I’m more interested in Pamela’s sunglasses. Also, Tina, dear, you need a black bra.

    1. Karisma Avatar

      Yes Tina a black bra is a must with that top. She should know better.

  11. Smithy Avatar

    Tina Knowles….girl….those leggings are a crime.

    I miss Pam Anderson’s short pixie cut. It made me believe that she wasn’t a tart at heart. I like her, but she just looks so tired with that long blonde hair.

    1. Sparkletastic Avatar

      Completely agree on Tina. She needs to stop.

      But, I think Pamela looks ok in this photo.

  12. Pookie Avatar

    The clothes I see celebs in baffles me, just awful!

  13. Jess Avatar

    Good ol’ Knowley’s knees. Isn’t she a hairdresser by trade?

  14. Sparkletastic Avatar

    Here’s to hoping Sofia can fly under the radar. Loooooove her bag!

    Reese looks so…normal! for Hollywood! I like her casual look including the bag. Wish we had a clearer angle. Looks like a cute one!

    Tina could look much better than this. That outfit (underwear showing, baggy knees, frizzy hair) is not doing her any favors at all.

    I doubt Winona’s Tee says “fun”. I’m tired of the in your face saying tee shirt. Grow up & stop trying to be shocking. We all have heard curse words. Do something meaningful.

    EJ is the child of an accomplished person who had done nothing. Let’s all try to ignore him along with his ilk – the Jenners / Kardahsians, etc. Maybe then they’ll do something…anything…worthy of attention.

  15. Cbl Avatar

    That boy bag is lizard, not stingray!!!

  16. Daria Avatar

    Tina Knowles looks disgusting