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  • siliconvalley

    Sorry, really not impressed with any of her choices.

    • I’m not an enormous fan of her handbag choices either, personally, but we try to spread out the attention to lots of different types of collections!

  • Sandra

    I think some of her clothing choices are very nice…..the Jimmy Choo and the Fendi are nice but not the best of either brand. The other bags are not my style at all.

  • Steph


  • laura

    Not a big fan of Swift and her handbag collection is boring.

  • Buffmom33

    I have to agree w/ everyone else. Love Taylor and loves that she does hi-low. But too boring???LOL:) Throw a Wang in there girl..LOL

  • Ligea77

    She’s only 23, so she’s probably still developing a sense of what she likes when it comes to purses. I didn’t really get into them till her age and only recently started buying designer. I like it that she buys from little known designers.

  • yomama

    omg, worst bag collection ever, the only thing I like is her fendi, the rest are ugly, boring, and makes me want to vomit lol!

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  • Chloe

    How about doing a “The Many Bags of ..” the Kardashian sisters (as much as there are many haters, they have an awesome bag closet) and Victoria Beckham (that’s not Hermes or from her own collection – now, that would be really fun to know) :-)

  • djalia

    i think shes great ,everyone on this post eems to be knocking her just because shes not carrying a Proenza bag or a celine like the rest of the herd …..her bags go perfectly with her outfits and also shes being responsible buy showing her fans who lets face many of who wont have much cash as her that you can look styilsh without forking out a thousand plus dollars on a bag….real style comes from being different from others not being a designer brand slave

    • anouk

      SO TRUE!!!!!
      Designer brand slaves are most often than not talentless. Nuff said!

  • Angela

    True that her collection is not to “die for”. The only one I liked was her Gerard Darel handbag – neutral, clean and simple. But it is also because of the fact that she doesn’t have such a drool-worthy collection, that i admire her. She’s not too hung up on brands and just really enjoys what she wears.

  • 19yearslater

    I actually kind of like some of her later stuff, too. And I like her bags and clothes, however non-high fashion they might be.

  • I love the Wonderstruck one, but the Rugby Ralph Lauren Pony Hair and Leather Saddle Bag is my favourite one… I’d love to have one of those )-:

  • Shay

    These bags are hideous, but at least they are somewhat affordable.

  • Jen

    I think she is cute and casual. It’s actually refreshing to see that she hasn’t fallen victim to the ‘It’ bag fashion trends so many of today’s starlets have. And as a mom to a 12 y/o, I really appreciate her down to earth, attainable style for the younger kids. I’m glad they have a positive role model. Adorable!

  • Tiffany

    Compared with the likes of LV, Chanel, Hermes, etc. these are definitely more affordable bags…but in reality, these are still pretty pricey bags for her fans. I remember thinking $100 was a pretty astronomical price for a bag when I was in my late teens/early 20’s (which wasn’t that long ago) so comparatively these are more “reasonably priced” but not really bags most of her younger fans can go out and buy on a whim. Just sayin’.

  • Lydia

    Where is the passion for a great handbag? Everyone seems so judgmental on what designer you carry. Who cares? For the love of handbags! I admire just seeing anyone carry something so carefully crafted and beautiful.

    • jaj

      Exactly. I like her handbags and her easy, yet chic, style. She always looks great. I like that, with all of her money (she can afford it!), she carries more attainable handbags, which to me, are beautiful.. not boring, and classic. I like her choices better than some high-end designer styles. A very high cost doesn’t mean it’s better.

  • lancelbbsac

    SO COOL.
    Le confort et l’image de marque est paye.Pour nettoyage général d’une brosse ronde est important et utile de dépoussiérer le portefeuille Lancel, Le cuir verni a fait sac a main lancel un très chic en particulier dans la maroquinerie de luxe