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  • RJ40

    Beautiful girl,bag etc. But wouldn’t you think she could buy shoes that fit? Half of your toe should not be hanging over the end of your show.

    • Therese Mota

      Never mind the toes..LOL..

  • Therese Mota

    Simply gorgeous!..can’t wait to see T-Swifts version of “The ManyBags Part 2”..

  • Taylorunfan

    Does she ever dress like a normal human being? So ridiculous.

    • sauljmiller

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  • ottercat

    Manufactured marketing Swifter. Daily agenda. 1. Stylist arrives with Starbucks and ideas 2. Makeup artist applies face 3. Publicist checks image for proper balance of squeek, sass, and allure 4. Manager arranged daily ho stroll schedule. 5. Publicist calls paps. GO. Crank up that dream machine.

  • Cbl

    She’s cute and all…but I’m so over her limp dick arm!!! Why does she need to carry her bag like that all day everyday?! I can’t take it anymore.

  • Gina

    She is so bored it isn’t even funny. I am already tired of her daily pics walking around trying garner attention just because she finally stopped talking about all the dudes she slept with. Find another gig Taylor like learning how to actually sing live.

  • Marnie

    Even in cute younger styled clothing she looks like an old lady. Cute bag, but the way she carries them grates, is that normal?