sex and the city handbag

The streets of New York are always buzzing with commotion, yet the Sex and The City commotion seems like it makes the streets more fashionable and more people are gawker-stalking to find the fabulous foursome. As the fabulous ladies (and gents) of SATC film, they bring back our memories of overly-fashionable, many times over the top, but always a step ahead fashion. When the movie comes out, sites will be analyzing and breaking down the outfits of these ladies. For now, we can play the game too. Cynthia Nixon, Miranda, was snapped with her co-star David Eigenberg, Steve, locking lips for a scene then showing off her fabulous clothing and handbag. This handbag she is carrying sports python skin with a very classy appeal. Let’s get those brains moving, late in the week, can you Name that Bag?!

Image via CU

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  • Nvie

    Looks like Chanel Coco Cabas.

  • amy

    don’t know what it is… but definitely not chanel coco cabas

  • Bella Sofia

    carlos falchi?

  • Gwenevere

    I will guess Zagliani or Michael Kors ?!?!?!

    I so miss Carrie & the gals from Sex in the City.But I have my own Mister Big drama w/ a fella named Roberto Mossier.Guess you could token phrase it ‘Sexless in the Vancouver City’

  • Bernie

    maybe a Nancy Gonzalez or a Bottega Veneta !
    but i think your right Gwenevere it might be Michael Kors!

  • Michelle

    PLEASE!! Can someone tell me who made the Eiffle (spelling?) Tower Paris Purse Carrie had in this movie?? And wher eto get it?? Thanks so much! Michelle :?:

    • Daisy

      The Eiffel Tower purse is made by Timmy Woods.

  • Emory

    does anyone know what purse charlotte had that said I “heart” New York on it. Its the scene when charlotte comes home from the doctor and carrie is reading to lilly

  • Lucy

    can someone please tell me what’s the name of that Chanel bag Carrie was carrying when she was shopping, at the sametime she was on the phone with Samantha telling her, she and Big were getting marry at the beginning of the movie. Thank You

  • Meghna

    Lucy, I have been looking for that bag too, but I can tell you it’s Chanel. If you replay that part in the movie, you will see the Chanel logo quite clearly. This bag was recently even seen on How I Met Your Mother

  • Leslie

    I have been hunting that quilted Chanel bag for months and have yet to find it. If anyone does PLEASE let me know. (The Chanel Carrie has when telling Samantha about the engagement, that is.)

  • Tasha


    I believe that bag was Gucci. If anyone finds the Chanel from the ‘Carrie shopping and telling Sam she’s engaged’ scene, please share!!

  • Lucy

    It’s been over 2 months, and I still havent found it…I wonder if it’s like one of those special edition bag…if anyone happens to know the name of that Chanel bag please share seems like a lot you is very interested in the bag as well.

  • Sandy Strans

    I wanted to know about the “birkin” Samantha gave to Lucy Lu in the show.