Photos like this make me think it must be particularly trying to be SJP sometimes. You’ll notice, as you peruse through the pictures that Sarah Jessica Parker has not only weighed herself down with three different designer bags, she’s so encumbered that her hapless assistant is pushing a giant cart piled high with her entire collection of Louis Vuitton Monogram Luggage through JFK airport, and each piece is clearly stuffed to the brim. On her person, she has the all-black crossbody Chanel Boy Bag, an all-white Rochas Leti Tote and a third black-and-white mystery bag. (Anyone care to ID?) Chanel bags are of course available at Chanel boutiques and high-end department stores, and you can shop Rochas at Net-a-Porter.

I don’t know where Sarah Jessica Parker’s headed, but I hope it’s somewhere fabulous, and I sincerely hope she’ll be in residence there for at least three months – she’s certainly packed enough. I’ve made cross-country moves with less stuff. Bon voyage, SJP, and Godspeed!

Sarah Jessica Parker carries bags from Chanel and Rochas, plus Louis Vuitton luggage, at the airport in NYC (1)

Sarah Jessica Parker carries bags from Chanel and Rochas, plus Louis Vuitton luggage, at the airport in NYC (2)

Sarah Jessica Parker carries bags from Chanel and Rochas, plus Louis Vuitton luggage, at the airport in NYC (3)

Sarah Jessica Parker carries bags from Chanel and Rochas, plus Louis Vuitton luggage, at the airport in NYC (4)

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  • Ebun

    2nd pic: Is that a Tod’s stamp on the black & white bag? Maybe if you zoom in you’ll be able to ID it.

  • Guest

    So vulgar in so many ways. I feel sad for the assistant.

    • so what

      Your comment is more vulgar than those! If you’re truly sad for the assistant, then why don’t you do it?

  • noufa

    it’s TOD’S large shopping bag

  • Rashida

    She has good taste in handbags!

  • Jess

    The chanel is gorgeous!

  • Nívia

    Gorgeous leather jacket, and Chanel bag (thought I´m not a big fan of this Boy Bag, nor I´m not very fond of this kind of boots, or the jeans so short in the ankels), all in black colour…but, it´s a little bit funny one to go in a trip, holdin kind of three bags, two of them, taht could not even be chuted, becouse of the numbers of clothes that just jump out of it, it´s horrible, simple, it´s like SJP plaing the exagerous Carry Sex and the City exaggerated visuals…not a bit of elegance!Please, check this out, girls!!! Let´s just be reasonables!!!

    • so what?

      Your posting doesn’t show some elegance at all.

      • anouk

        oh dear! :(

  • Gail

    She looks great! Any ID on the leather jacket and jeans?

  • Amanda

    Oh my….that Chanel is awesome.

  • Dina

    I just got that exact Chanel bag! :)

  • SK

    The other bag is Tod’s.

  • shueaddict

    I see she’s really commited to those Isabel Marant boots, oh well, it could be worse when I think of Uggs

  • Dayuuuuum…that is a lot of luggage.

  • gosc

    this LV luggage is soooo bad. I’ve never really understood why on earth people love it so much (except for social enhancement function). Plasticky looking, pedestrian colours, vulgar branding. Sad

    • so what

      Eat your heart out! People have them to satisfy themselves, not to satisfy you or anyone else. Ignore if you can’t stand it, it’s not for you. That’s what choices in life is all about!

      • anouk

        i, for one, i’m not into LV luggages albeit (modesty aside!) I can afford one however I choose not to because it’s just a luggage. So, whenever I see a traveller with LV luggages, I just look the other way. It’s none of my beeswax, really! BUT when it comes to purses, then, i have to speak. LOL

      • so what?

        Nowadays, what’s the difference between having the latest technology and say, LV’s, Hermes, and other branded products? Where’s modesty in all this. Modesty means living in caves, wearing dried and raw animal hides, and carrying stuff in their mode of transportation thru the courtesy of their donkeys, camels, horses, etc. with their hand-stitch bags made from animal raw hide, slung across the backs of the animals. LV’s history started with luggages. I’m the opposite. When I see people carrying those throw-up looking luggages, I look the other way. It’s an insult to my sight, but again, it’s just me. LOL

  • ReneeO

    Chanel and Tods are yummy but I agree with gosc about the LV luggage. It is vulgar–I don’t see the magic in it either. It’s ugly and it just screams “look at me” or “rob me”. I too feel sorry for the assistant. I helped my daughter move overseas and we had less than half of that amount; it’s hard to handle that much luggage.

    • so what!

      Has it ever occurred to you that there could be difference between you, your daughter and SJP when packing stuff for travel? I feel sorry for those people who thinks that when someone carry those LV’s, are for show offs only. You people should get that over your head!

  • kate

    I actually think she looks great (the coat and boy bag are amazing!), and as for the luggage, well, it’s a classic (legendary celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn have used LV luggage). It’s also good quality, which is probably what she was looking for when she bought it. I don’t think she’s trying to show the world how rich she is, it’s SJP, not a real housewife.

    • so what

      why??? do you think only rich people can afford genuine LV’s???

      • kate

        No. Plenty of people can afford genuine LV as they have items at many price points. My issue was with the people who were calling the luggage vulgar and acting as if she was using it to show off her status. Obviously I don’t know her in real life but SJP is a pretty well established star with (IMO) terrific style. I don’t think she has anything to prove and I don’t think SHE thinks she has anything to prove.

  • so what

    LV’s has been around for decades and it will be around for more. If it is that bad, why is it then that it’s still popular with so many. Only the prices of these LV’s are what limit others to acquire them. It’s a classic.

  • Survived2

    Maybe she is traveling with her husband and kids and needs all that luggage? Who really cares now, come on. Louis Vuitton has the worlds most iconic luggage! As for the “poor” assistant, she is hardly looking underpaid and overworked. If I were traveling personally, I would want somebody carting my luggage through the airport. Would anybody say a peep if it were a male “assistant”??

  • Medetai

    Sorry if my purpose is not bag searching but I just love her leather jacket and I am dying to know where I could find it. Any idea, anyone? Thanks in advance?

  • Siddharth Gopinath

    Poor bags, losing their shape. Should probably shift to the Alzer trunks of the Pegase rollers.