Sarah Jessica Parker Balenciaga Twiggy

Sarah Jessica Parker was the fashion diva of Sex and the City. While she wanders the city, she brings a new shade to the appeal of black and white. Grey and white is her theme while out in Greenwhich Village, can’t say it is flattering. But Sarah Jessica Parker’s Balenciaga Calcaire Twiggy does make her casual train wreck outfit more suitable. SJP we commend the bag and abhor the rest.

Thanks to the members of tPF for the pic!

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  • amii

    I have been learning about the 1960s at school and we came across a beuifull picture of twiggy when she modeled and she looks real pretty and seeing the photo of her today and the way she looks is devastating x
    love always

  • Augusta

    Love Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s a fashion icon.

  • Milly Anderson

    eww!! sarah jessica parker is ugly and has un-funny movies!!

  • Harolyn

    “HATER!” I LOVE SJP. She’s the best. She’s so cute on SEX & The City. I miss that show. I cannot wait for the movie.

  • shezz

    We can BS about her acting skills, blah, blah, blah, :cool:

  • Sarah

    She’s not pretty, but she’s a fashion icon :smile:

  • Shadow Mischief Saix

    :twisted: SJP is awesome she’s a gr8 fashion icon and I love her movies ever since I 1st saw her in Hocus Pocus :twisted:

  • samantha

    SJP has a hideous style,
    and that bag is not cute ! :O

  • Kendra

    This is perfect. She looks great with it! (fb)

  • Catherine

    I didn’t realize the twiggy was so big. (ipad)

  • Naggy

    That bag looks perfect for her. (ipad)