Salvatore Ferragamo Apollonia Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo is a brand known for its ready-to-wear and picturesque shoes (that are divinely comfortable might I add). The shoes are statement pieces that stand on their own immaculately. But the handbags from Salvatore Ferragamo are not as well known as the shoes, but they should be. While I have not loved every Ferragamo bag, I have found an ultimate drool-worthy bag from the company, one so lovely that it is officially on my want/need list. The Salvatore Ferragamo Apollonia Bag radiates this sort of subtle perfection, this simplistic look that just has me infatuated. This bag stands out and has a different look to its exotic body, seeing as it is made with black and white hardwick, which is a type of huge reticulated python that weighs in at over 200 lbs. The skin does look different, very uniform, very patterned. But for me, it flows wonderfully. And who was caught wearing this bag? None other than refined simplicity herself, Reese Witherspoon. The picture of Reese carrying this bag only sealed the deal for me, putting it on a person and showing me how beautiful it is! The bag comes from the Spring/Summer 2008 collection and is available in Ferragamo boutiques for about $3,350. You can also buy Ferragamo bags through Saks.

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  • janis

    It is very pretty. Looks like it would be a pain to get in and out of tho with that belt.

  • I was thinking it might be. But you could probably leave it open, similar to how most carry their Birkins.

  • I’m a big Ferragamo bag fan, but this one… I’m not loving it.
    The color of the rings the belt goes through, bothers me. It’s like it’s trying to get the attention away from the python.

  • Lyns

    I think the picture of it is gorgeous, but if you where to wear it open for easy access like a Birkin, I think it would look sloppy. :???:

  • I think Reese had it really loose, so she could reach in it easily… at least it looks that way from the photo.

  • Kaytey

    Oh, oh no… This bag is so… Different strokes for different folks, I gues, because I think this thing is so ugly. I like the shape, but that python is just so creepy for me. It looks like wallpaper on safari.
    It looks okay with Reese wearing it, though. Maybe it’s a Monet bag?

    • Kaytey


  • mette

    Thank you,but this bag gives me the creeps! It is so overpowering and majestic that I feel it would hide my personality totally. Don´t like the reptile chosen for this bag either.

  • Ellez

    I have to agree with the skin/color. I think it looks great in the picture but it would feel a bit creepy carrying around. But I love Reese Witherspoon!!! She could make a brown paper back look absolutely adorable and she totally pulls off this bag! Not that I’m comparing the bag to a paper bag (that would be going too far)

  • lula_bernie

    I think I would only use/wear this bag when I wore white or lighter colors – like Reese Witherspoon. Hmm. I like it, but doubt I would ever pick it up for myself.

  • trishaluvslv

    I saw this bag two months ago and am still kicking myself that i did not buy it! It is stunning IRL and so lightweight, python is so velvety! if anyone sees one, please pm me on tpf…

  • Jenine

    I own it, love it and get MANY comlpiments! BUT….It is annoying to get in and out of!

  • ihey

    i want one but in black leather

  • pcatherinea2

    i love this bag

  • Daisy

    Salvatore Ferragamo so different