Kate Bosworth

About a month ago we reported about the Michael Michael Kors Large Satchel, and Kate Bosworth recently proved the significance of the luxe handbag among Hollywood celebs. Cute bag, but somehow Kate seems to be missing out on what millions of other Americans are passionately devoted to (aside from handbags, of course)… food. Maybe a few more calories a day would make her and her cute bag harmonize a little more, instead of looking like an underfed, disease-ridden anorexic.

Ouch, did I just say that?

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  • Indeed your observation is so accurate about Kate. She really needs to put on a couple of pounds more. And I think that beautiful that she is, a few pounds will simply maker her prettier.

  • grisu

    I think she really looks pretty – I don’t know where the problem is – she looks skinny, but still ok – she doesn’t look as skinny as runway models do – and do you think all runway models are anorexic? Calm down – not everybody looking skinny is anorexic !!!!!!!!!!

    • Amilie

      You can count her ribs ABOVE her bustline. That doesn’t look anorexic to you? What does then?

  • I think you are right. Kate Bosworth is one of the most gorgeous women out there and it is a shame that she is doing that to herself.

  • what the heck happened? kate bosworth needs to go to subway and get a meatball marinara w/ lots of calories to at least put on a little weight….what a shame….

  • rubberduck

    leave her alone, she can take care of herself

  • mirial

    I think she looks pretty. She can take care of herself!

  • billyjoe

    rubber duck, if you just take a look at her neck…..ack!

  • Jami

    i love her look. she is so thin and beautiful. i want to look like that. i want to be her. i think she was fat before and this look is just beautiful.

  • Etee

    I think she is a very skinny, very plane looking girl that has a good make-up artist. She should lay off the Restylane -when her lips aren’t inflated she puckers up for pictures ..

  • lisa

    i luv her as a actress she’s 1 of my favorite evaaa
    and plus she’s dating my favorite actor mr orlando bloom now he’s hott so hot plus hot means hotter as hell
    theirboth on fire.

  • Lyra

    I agree with Etee, she’s way too thin and is so not beautiful, I think she has a really dull face. Plus she’s barely an actress; she’s only famous because she dated Orlando Bloom, who is also crap.

  • Me

    Most of you are complaining that she’s too thin and may be suffering from an eating disorder, but where do you think she’s getting it from? I mean, people commenting on every single little change in her body. I know she’s famous and along with that comes so much speculation but come on people! Stop picking at her, I think she’s gorgeous anyway. And if she is suffering from an eating disorder, going to Subway IS NOT going to help her. It’s not exactly about food!

  • belle

    yeah, kate’s real pretty-i used to think she looked like a Barbie doll, especially when she smiled-well, not anymore.

  • tia

    I think she looks bad in this pic, I don’t see what Orlando sees in her.

  • abbey

    kate is pretty but a little too thin. i dont like her too much cuz she’s dating my idol, orlando bloom =[ but i think she’s cute and a few more pounds wouldnt hurt her. when ppl get too skinny it looks kinda gross and i dont think she’d like ppl saying its gross so she better go to in n’ out and get a double cheeseburger with fries and a cola or something!!!

  • Ella

    Don’t u remember her in Blue Crush! Now there she had a hot body! It’s disgusting how most of the hollywood “actresses” are doing this to themselves. They look horrible, unhealthy, unhappy etc….all of you women who think this looks good ask any guy. Wake up! There is nothing that having energy and looking healthy.

  • eliza

    anyone who has had an eating disorder could spot one through a lead wall. unless she has some sort of digestive disorder (celiac disease – hereditary disorder which interferes with the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine) it seems clear that she is experiencing some stage of an eating disorder. my best guess based off of personal experience is that she herself really doesn’t understand what she is doing or just how thin she is. maybe people should be more concerned about her health than just that she is too thin as if she is some sort of “bitch” for putting that image out there for us not so thin women – often women with anorexia specifically experience premature osteoporosis, weakening of the heart muscle leading to heart attack and/or failure… weight issues are a very common way for women in particular to deal with stress – maybe we should wonder how she is feeling lately – what’s bothering her so much that she is expressing her feelings/thoughts through food deprivation. until we have more compassion for people – celebrities and non-celebrities situations like this will just be seen from the surface and never really understood and healed.

  • gaea


  • arabella

    i think she looks pretty

  • Susan

    Well, let’s not forget that the camara ADDS weight, which can only mean that we would all tear-up just looking at her in-person. I have a feeling if the camara were right on-top of poor Kate, that you’d see all of the fuzz on her body from being so malnurished. I echo the seniments of #17’s post all the way. The poor thing is obviously suffering from something that she feels she has no control over, and it manifests itself in her depletion of food. I too have personal experience in this in my past. I truly hope she is able to find help and therapy, so that she can ‘swim to the top’ and not drown herself in this disease.

  • serpent

    she’s probably sick, so it’s not very nice to be so mean to her….the biggest bags are the ones under her eyes in these pics though.

  • abc

    people should mind their own business why do u even care, get a life.

  • shy

    She is so pretty but i don’t understand why some beautiful women think that they are fat and decide not to eat anymore, then they seem like skeletons without grace and their images show bodies without life.

  • Bee

    LMFAO Gaea made me burst out laughing.

    Kate’s sickly looking, and that’s SO not attractive. Natural beauty is what’s really pretty. I wouldn’t blame other people that’s what’s making her look so thin or keep so conscious of her weight. Plenty of actresses, young and older, keep their weight in check and are gorgeous. I love actresses like Kate Winslet and Jada Pinknett (I don’t think I spelled that right) Smith. They’re naturally beautiful, and healthy! And check it out-those two women (among the many) are healthy, gorgeous-and they have MEN. Families.

    And uh… how many times has Miss Bosworth split with Mr. Bloom? I’m a true believer in the way you look reflects your life style. And all I see in Kate is stress, discomfort, and HUNGER. I’d rather stick with subway than look like that, sorry.

  • cathy

    i think she looks nice. she still would evan if she lost it. it dunt mean shes fucking anorexic. stop judging for chrsit sake its not diseas riddon im anorexic its perfectly fine.

  • severino

    shes so skinny put on some weightbinsted of buying purses

  • lyn

    she is probably anorexic, since the pics that were taken just shows that shes getting skinnier n skinnier. but i dun care. she’s thin n pretty, n she looks gorgeous. she looked gorgeous b4 sdhe lost alot of weight. but she does look abit frail now. but she’s thin, n for that? I LOVE HER TO BITS..

  • paul


  • jo

    too skinny…but i still love her. and in this pic, lovely! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    It looks awkward when you’re so skinny, yet you have a chubby face. (ipad)

  • KY

    She looks a little skinny, but still nice. (ipad)