Nicky Hilton Balenciaga Bag2

I am sure if I were a celeb, or just a rich girl with unlimited funds on my credit card, I too would own around 20 Balenciaga bags. Paris’ little sister Nicky has been spotted carrying countless Balenciagas. We are talking around 20. Do you know how long and hard a regular person like me has waited on a list for just one? For a single one! I’ve given up on that quest, because I now realize that the celebs will steal that dream from me. Just a few days ago Nicky Hilton was seen sporting the Magenta Balenciaga Bag. At a first glance I thought she didn’t look good, but with a closer look I’m lovin’ her look. But her hair color- either I don’t like the color, or I don’t like the fried-out dry hair look. But let us not forget that she is carrying a beautiful bag!

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  • Roy

    I’m not loving her look at all! The only thing cute in this pic, besides Nicky’s face (which is beautiful) is the bag! I hate the dress, and her cut (hair) is not cute..the color is so-so for me. I much prefer her with her darker locks…


  • Roy- I think I agree. I’m having a unclear and indecisive day. I think I just love the bag and the dress looks mighty 70’s

  • Roy

    Yes, the dress is wayyyyy to 70’s for me too! I mean, it’s like a cross between mary-kate trying to be boho, and a flower child….not really working for me…However, I think if she went with a more “clean”, chic look…she’d be a total hit. One thing I will say in Nicky’s defense…..The dress matches (color-wise) the bag perfectly, and I think that’s what she was doing…


  • julie

    Well, if that’s TOTO, isn’t she Dorothy?? Or, Um did I miss something?

  • billyjoe

    ya the dress is so 70s. the bag has a really intense color though!

  • lori d

    She probably gets them for free.

  • nessa

    How can these bags go for so cheap if they are real? please advise! check out ebay site below. what do ya think? cheapest i have found is aroudn 600$ on the net so far, save for ebay

  • cybasistagirl

    Is it a pre-requisite that all the women in Los Angeles MUST own a Balenciaga bag?
    FOR GOD’S SAKE, SOMEONE be ORIGINAL in this city !!!

  • Jax

    do not purchase any Balenciaga bags from any e-commerce. They do not do any business of any kind with them.

  • itsybitsy

    thanx for the advice,even im scared to purchase any designer bags online.

  • Ruth

    I absolutly love this look. She’s hot blonde and as a brunette. The outfit is out of the ordinery but that is what fashion is all about taking risks and being adventorous, yet I would have chosen a more neutral set of beads since the bag and dress just speaks drama.

  • sylvia

    i lurve the bag it is very hot right now and it looks good with anything

  • moechick

    What style bbag is this- motorcycle?

  • Sheryl Tollenaar

    I had this exact bag and it was recently stolen in the airport in Barcelona, (12-19-06) if anyone sees a bag advertised on ebay like this will you please email me at There are not that many of these bags…and I hope to get it back…as well as catch the criminal! BE CAREFUL in Barcelona with your bags ladies!!

  • Makiko Felice

    Just to letting you know this bag Nicky is carrying a fake – Balenciaga never released this color as their collection ever before!!!! She must’d gotten it online which all of them are not authorized to sell Balenciaga bags – and probablly most of them are fakes!! except one company/store in the U.S.
    I love Balenciaga and hate to see people carrying fakes – poor them they don’t even know what’s real or fakes because people have no access to its information.

  • kaylie

    you just cant afford a balenciaga bag, it’s called a fashion TREND. and it’s obviously becoming a classic staple that will forever be timeless. like louis vuitton, everybody has the ugly louis vuitton shit, but you dont see anyone complaining!! :twisted:

  • whateva

    well, you dont have to waste your money just for bags and fashion. i know girls would do it. but, it is not shame if you wear the fake one, as long as you dont say it u buy it real and expensive, you can share with ur friends where you get that bag…i dont mind if people use fake bag…its their legal right :]. since not all people can afford to buy the original one…i rather pay my tuition than buy that bag even though i want it…shit, US you charge international student to much tuition..dang…

  • Kendra

    Beautiful match. I love the magenta. (fb)

  • Naggy

    It is a nice stray from everyday black.(ipad)

  • KY

    I love the bag and the color! (ipad)