Nicky Hilton Chanel Chain Strap Handbag

A little punk style does casual street wear well. Nicky Hilton seems to always be in the shadow of her sister Paris Hilton, but really because Paris is just so Paris, it would take a whole-lotta person to be more of an attention fiend. I am a fan of Nicky Hilton’s outfit, except the pairing of the black jacket, then it becomes a bit too drab for my liking. Of course we are here to check out the handbag, which is the highly coveted Chanel Chain Strap Handbag. Check out a breakdown of Nicky Hilton’s outfit at Fab Sugar.

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  • Leema

    Anyone know how much is the Chanel Chain Strap Handbag Nicky carry?

    Thanks a million!

  • loveitbag


  • bonvonnie

    i love this bag, how much? and where can i get it from??

    • Jun

      i bought the same bag, Euro 1950 :cry: but i love it !!!! :lol:

  • ginger

    The bag Nicky is wearing is around $2795 but it’s actually quite a big bag, my gfriend has one and she’s a little regret to get it bcos it’s far too big for everyday, more practical for travelling!

  • AFH

    I love mine. However it is big, but if you like big bags then you’ll love it.

  • CocoClicquot

    I’ve got this bag…it is large, but it’s such a great size for every day and travelling. It even fits my laptop and gym gear, which is fantastic! :)

  • lover buggger

    omg! i love purses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lover buggger

    omg im soo cool

  • Ks

    love it

  • Jay

    When did this bag come out? . Does anyone know the name of this bag?

  • Naggy

    It looks pretty generic from what I can tell, but maybe I need a closer look. (ipad)