name that celeb balenciaga

One of the gals who made Balenciaga celebrity famous was seen hiding from the cameras. This blond haired gal is posed like a chicken with an itch on her way out after a sushi dinner. I am not sure why one who always loves the cameras is deciding to hide all of a sudden, but can you Name that Celeb with the Balenciaga bag?

Find out after the jump!

nicole richie balenciaga

Ah yes, this was oh so simple. It is the ever clad Nicole Richie. We all know Nicole is a huge Balenciaga fan, having been seen sporting their bags in many shapes, colors, and sizes. But why did she want to hide? Is it because of the pregnancy rumors? The paparazzi did what they do best and focused on attempting to take a bump picture. But her bump may just be a malnourished bump, which happens when you are starving. Or maybe she isn’t starving but she is growing a new little Simple Life character. Either way, her style is atrocious this night and she needs more meat on those bones. I will offer up some of mine from the niceness of my heart.

nicole richie balenciaga1

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  • Lisa

    nicole ricchie can either look really cute or really really ugly. latley shes been just wearing the balenciaga bags though

  • Valentina

    Nicole Richie!

  • Lisa

    oh and the “bump” is just a coke bump

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    Holy cow, that black City is getting a workout lately.

  • Tina

    Nicole! You can see the rest of this on x17 online.

  • Superqueen

    Gorgeous bag, ugly boots.

  • Deece

    Nicoel Richie.

  • Otter

    I love that Balenciaga city bag — she works that thang like a rib. Yum.

  • rachel.c.gray

    nicole richie! dah

  • Kaisu

    Oh Nicole is so pretty!
    I love the bag.

  • Ebay Seller

    i don’t think she is pregnant. she has a bump but, isn’t it a little to low on her body to be a pregnancy bump?

  • Brigitte

    It’s probably just malnutrition bloat.

  • Milly Anderson

    i have that balenciga and those things can go through some tough things.

  • jade –

    shes put on weight.

  • discount handbags

  • marie

    What a tired, little outfit? I don’t care how much the bag cost. The T-shirt looks like something my nephews would play b-ball in…and, why do these people keep wearing Uggs? They are so UGH!? The bag can’t carry an ugly outfit.

  • achenza

    Its UGG.

    Do you Girls know where I cant find a City Sandstone GH? And a Part Time Sandstone GH??

  • Yvette

    UGH! I love animals waaaaaaaaay to much to wear their skins! If you think leather just comes from cows….think again! Be kind and go to Target and get a real cute faux bag & save$

  • Violet

    Nicole is the best!

    Actually I don’t like those boots :neutral:
    But she’s Nicole :grin:

  • Violet

    Love that bag

  • Harolyn

    Love the balenciaga city handbag and that is why i have it in red or rouge, teal, black, white, olive green, plum, navy and chocolate. I need yellow. :grin:

  • Nina

    Who took those photos?
    purse at

  • Kim

    does anyone know which size this bag is??? :)

  • fashionista-male

    Whel Nicol Richie is a spoiled girl with a sence of fashion though but those prada boots don’t suit with the rest of the style whilst i think that her balenciaga bag that is splendid saves the day

  • Rachel

    Obviously Nicol Richiee :grin:
    nott suree about the bagg thoughh butt it iss very nicee :cool:

  • alina

    that balenciaga bag makes nicole look like a fat whore!!! fuck that grumpy cokehead biaaaaaaaaatch.

  • leo the gay dude

    Alina…you straight up KARAZZZZEEEEEEEE…girl!!!
    nicole loves nigger dick….

  • jerralia

    leo…i LOVE nigger cock too!!! lets hang out! :eek:

  • Kendra

    She’s so cute. I love her bag. (fb)

  • Jing Wang

    Huh~ I always see Nicole with her Balenciaga bags. How many does she own??

  • Jing Wang

    Hopefully, someone will gather all of her B-bag pics in one thread and let us count. (fb)