Name that Bag

This week on Bag that Style we had a great array of celebrities with their handbags. But we were stumped on a few designs, so maybe you can help us out!

We ID’d most of Vanessa Hudgens outfit, EXCEPT for her bag [link]

We don’t have a good look at it, but does anyone know AnnaLynne’s bag? [link]

Kim Kardashian sported a great black clutch, but we are stumped on who made it [link]

Kate Hudson carries a purse that think is on the tip of our tongues, but we just don’t know [link]

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Dawn

    AnnaLynne’s bag is a chrome Treesje Marley.

  • Sweet Pea

    Someone please ID Kate Hudson’s bag, I love it!!!!

  • Sue

    Vanessa’s bag is a Givenchy Melancholia… (gorgeous, btw…)

  • Kristine

    Kim’s clutch is Adriana Castro :)

  • Kristine, this clutch from Kim is not Adriana Castro. Check that link, there is a closer up of the clutch – something else. Woven or something…

  • chirpy_gal

    Love Annalynne’s style and bag too…. :)

  • GivenchiISme

    Venessa’s definitely the melancholia bag by Givenchy and its simply stunning. It’s just that the dress does not go together with the bag. the bag is so edgy and the dress is too pretty and girly. 2 clashing statement.

  • Jennie

    Yeah…I would have to agree with GivenchiISMe…
    Great bag and cute dress…just not together.

  • Ally

    I think Kim’s bag is the Heather Hawkins “love is” clutch

  • keima

    Kims clutch is the freaking best!