Sarah Jessica Parker Hogan Bag
Image via Perez

Although so many know her as Carrie, the posh and always eclectic sassy gal from SATC, Sarah Jessica Parker can also be an average woman. She dresses down and runs errands. There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding the handbag she has been seen sporting recently. Distressed leather and stud detailing make this bag laid back for the casual mama Parker. I know some of you already know this bag, but let’s have the Purse Blog readers give it a go, name that bag!

P.S. The whole ‘Hee Haw!’ idea was not mine :roll:

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Shelly

    Her face is just awful.I’ve never thought she was pretty at all. She has great style that’s it. I don’t like the bag either…

  • Amy

    I’ve never thought she was pretty either, but I still love her. Plus, she’s got a hOOOOOOt body! Anyways, I like the bag…

  • liza

    It’s a Hogan hobo.

  • J


  • WT

    yea… she’s super stylish but not the typical pretty face type. Love her too, great actress! :razz:

  • Elizabeth Kline

    LOVE that bag! Love her – and her face ain’t bad. I always admired her work and her looks – she has a sexy look many woman would kill to have. I’ve always thought the best beauties were those with imperfect faces.

    • Saruski

      I so agree with you. I thinks she has something many of would kill to have. I love her too!!

  • Christine

    I am guessing a Hogan…..

  • Eliza

    hogan hobo

  • Helen

    She is UNGLY,very ugly.
    Extreamly long and thin face. When you take look at her without that ‘Sex and the city’ make ups and expensive little stupid lovable things,she is like a 60 year-old woman.

    After all, her style is perfect.


  • Ayline

    I love the way she look, her style everything…She’s hot and sexy mommy..

  • Naggy

    That leather looks too distressed. (ipad)