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Paris Hilton has really done nothing stellar in life in my opinion. She just has a last name that makes her famous; it wasn’t the singing career, her intelligence, or her sex tapes that have made her known ;-). But because she is an heiress, paparazzi follow her everywhere she goes; even while she pairs stripes, warm up pants, and a leopard print hat together (gag). Anyhow, let’s have a little fun and see if you can name her handbags! It looks like Paris Hilton can not travel without a handbag for each arm. Can you Name Paris Hilton’s Handbags?

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  • Christy

    I believe that is the new L.A.M.B. handbag by Gwen Stefani.

    • Malini

      well it’s a lamb bag on her right arm and a fendi zucca in the other.
      I have that Fendi Zucca. And I love Paris. Because one time I met her and we had the same bag :roll:

  • Tammy

    L.A.M.B in one arm, Fendi in the other.

  • monsoon88

    It’s definitely the L.A.M.B. Montego Bowler, and Fendi brown zucca logo print crossbody bag.

  • Lona

    It’s ugly, I don’t care for it! Regardless if it’s a Gwen Stefani – L.A.M.B purse – ugly!!!

  • cathy

    the small one is a fendi…i wasn’t sure about the bigger one, but i agree that it’s a L.A.M.B. purse. Gwen likes the rasta red, yellow and green.

  • sarah

    l.a.m.b (horrible!) and fendi

  • Steff

    It’s an U.G.L.Y one for sure.

  • ccgoddess

    Gwen loves the Jamaican look.

  • Katherine

    Some sort of Fendi Zucca shoulder (camera bag?) and the L.A.M.B. Kingston Bowler bag OMBRE RASTA – This bag is cool (I want one); it’s so young generation punk rock but in a YSL Muse like sophisticated shell (it’s a sold out bag) =)

  • Milly Anderson

    L.A.M.B. I have NEVER liked there clothes or handbags. It is just ugly. The Fendi bag, I love Fendi, I will continue to buy from Fendi, but that Red, Yellow and Green handbag from L.A.M.B. is just ugly. I was born in Mexico, I know live in Minnesota, and there are poor people in Mexico who make non-designer handbags and clothes(EWW! NON-DESIGNER!), to make money, and that handbag looks like one of those handbags, I NEVER would buy non-designer, non-designer is just icky! Listen to all those ladies like me out there, you always must have one handbag from every designer, if your like me you will have 20 from every designers. HAHAHA! =)

    • kassandra

      you aresuch a show off and if u showed e you DESIGNER handbags i would probably would recognized that they are fake because i know about that stuff because i buy alot of designer clothes too and im not showing off and by the way at least gwen stafani has a sence of fashion i bet that if i saw you in real person you would be dressed like a WANNA Be richgirl
      but dressed as a pocha lol

  • Milly Anderson

    Oh yeah! Before I forget which Fendi bag is that? I want that one, but I might already have it so I don’t want to get the same one.

  • Anne

    That is one FUGLY bag she has. The L.A.M.B. bag is repulsive. Well, I’m not a big fan of Fendi either. She’s probably toting it around, the LAMB bag, per Stefani’s request or she received it as a gift so it can be another “IT” bag, albeit FUGLY.

  • Heather

    If it didn’t have the white stripe down the middle I’d think that the bag was alright. However I think I’ll stick with my canvas Louis for now.

  • leza

    It’s LAMB. Isn’t it ugly.

  • brittaney

    First of all, I love Paris Hilton.

    NONE of you people know her personally or at all for that matter, so I really dont see how you can say..”i hate her” and all that bull that people say about her.. and her sex tapes?? how many of YOU people have made sex tapes and just because you arent famous and arent a part of a family worth 380 million dollars, yours arent seen by the whole world?? Yeah, you shouldnt judge people, especially considering YOU have never met her..

    Also, I’d like to see what kind of handbags YOU have.. =]

  • rayray

    Milly Anderson….shut the f’n up!!

  • Beth


    You do not know her pesonally but you know enough about her to decide you loooove her. Guess what sweetie, myself and many others know enough about her to hate, dislike, be offended by, have no respect for, find her distasteful, untalented, self-centered, stupid, narcisstic and more.
    p.s. I consider your sex tape question moronic. Uh duh, how many people have NOT made a sex tape. How many people with millions of dollars have not made a sex tape and/or have it plastered on the internet.
    Why don’t you use better judgement when choosing an idol little girl.

  • Elle

    I do not agree that it is only the last name that makes Paris famous. Other heiresses like Lydia Hearst get less coverage in the tabloids because of their lack of sex tapes.

  • Wouldn’t You Like To Know

    I love how everyone bashe’s the L.A.M.B. line and yet it is arguably one of the best-selling clothing lines in modern-day fashion.

    Not to mention, at least Gwen Stefani has fresh design ideas as opposed to the other clothing companies who make a metallic bag, repeat the logo over and over on it diagonally and charge 1,000 dollars for it because it’s supposedly “exotic”. Please… don’t be stupid.

    …and for those who said the red/yellow/green color scheme is ugly, you obviously have no concept of what a color palette even is because 5-year-old knows that red, yellow, and green is a technical artistic color scheme. Why do you think they are next to each other on RAINBOWS? They go together. Please people, gain some intelligence for the sake of humanity. Jesus Christ and doggy-style Mary…

  • kiara

    this pic is ok but i think she chould were a little more choths……….but overall i think she is cute :!: :lol: : :arrow:

  • sezer biyam

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  • sezer biyam

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  • Tracy

    :grin: I like the colored bag. Its different and cool. As for Paris Hilton, this comment section started with “Name Paris Hiltons bag” so im not sure why all the comments about her. I guess if someone else was carring it the comments would be different. Mabye a real ugly girl who noone knows mabye would say, “WOW WHAT A COOL BAG. WHERE CAN I GET IT”

  • paris hilton lover

    it’s a handbag of the nicky hilton collection. :twisted:

  • i’m from malaysia
    paris i like u bcoz u are very beutiful
    i have ur perfume n handbag
    i like it..

  • meatbun

    Milly Anderson, I had to laugh at your ludicrious post! I know 10 year old girls who are more mature and are smarter than you on your best day on their worst day!

    Grow up! Btw, how did you get into this country LEGALLY?

  • krisitan t

    hahahaha i rekkon
    who goes and sais they get all designer
    like wtf
    who do u think u are
    part of madhatins elete

  • Naggy

    That bag alone would be hideous but it’s totally rocking her outfit! (ipad)