Pamela Anderson Name That Bag

Well today is slow because my allergies are killer. Bye-bye contacts, hello glasses. I can’t wait until next week when I get to go back down to Florida and get away from the land of pollen and flowers. The Dr has also ordered less time on the computer, who is he kidding? But today I will take it easy and let you all play around with a Name That Bag! While most of us know Pamela Anderson for something other than her fashion-sense, she has pulled it together to carry a hot bag right now. Can you Name Pamela Anderson’s Bag?

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  • winona

    dude! too easy!
    XL Muse.
    The bag, imho, looks a lot better with more “structured” outfits (Like J. Alba was wearing today with the brown muse)… not slouchy jeans and t stuff….

  • maria

    YSL Muse oversized! i love it.

  • Handbaglover

    EASY! Just bought an amzing one online –
    YSL Large Muse… love it! Spent 299.00 on exact one (look-a-like) and am stopped everyday…

  • Allison

    I just bought this bag and am now worried I got a fake. Anyone have tips on how to tell the real ones?

  • diana

    the real ones cost over one grand. that’s how you can tell.

  • Sounds like a great deal! I love a good bargain, LOL!Thanks!- Cindy

  • I don’t care of some people are saying negative things about Pamela Anderson. To me she is the sexiest woman. Her face is pretty and I love her curvy body.

  • Naggy

    The bag pulls everything together. (ipad)

  • San Fran Nortena

    Damn, you can see you nips right through the shirt. BUT, love the bag! It’s so fresh looking and HUGE!! I love big ol’ bags!! The bigger the better!