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  • Shirley


  • Amanda

    I like her :)

    • sue

      me, too – and I love her bags…

  • Lilly

    I’m sorry, she’s so meh even with all the expensive bags. All boring colors and shapes.

    • Nico

      I agree. Just because you have an expensive bag doesn’t mean you have style. Then again I could say that about a lot of celebs!

  • laura

    I personally don’t like her style and most of her bags are boring but it’s refreshing to see a celebrity live a very normal life.
    I don’t have kids so I don’t know how hard and time-consuming might be to dress up a little more with that many kids around.

    • tlb

      I totally agree. She bores me to tears (along with Reese Witherspoon) but she seems down to earth and like a very sweet person.

  • melvel

    Yay, I was the one who asked for this! I love all her bags, so classic.

  • twoturntables

    That Anya Hindmarch jackson shoulder bag is amazing.

  • Sandra

    I think the green bag may be Chloe…..looks like the hardware of the (only for a moment) Kira bag. I like her, she is not pretentious….just being a Mom. Her kids are dressed in the funny stuff that kids pick out for themselves…. It is impossible to look like you are stepping onto a red carpet everywhere you go. What you see of so many other people in the public eye is just not reality……a facade.

    • terri

      I think it is an Anya Hindmarch Prancer

  • AshleyG

    I REALLY like her…so I feel REALLY bad to be negative but I was super bored with her collection. And I love neutrals- prefer them actually, so that’s not what really bothered me. I don’t know… aside from the price tags, most of them all look (or maybe just on her they look) a bit to “regular mom” ish… My eyes slightly widened at the Givenchy antigona but only because I’m obsessed… The Chanel looked out of place hanging from her shoulder… *deep sigh* She’s still a really natural beauty though and I suppose I can’t hate on her for caring more about her family and their day-today activities rather than how I think her and her bags will look in these candids. *kanye shrug*

    • londonhermit

      Ashley I see what your saying. I think it’s the hair and makeup less face. I know she has children but damn you could at least get a blow out or something… Her hair looks oily and unkempt therefore taking away from the lovely bags she carries. Next her style bland and looks like she didn’t try. It’s sad because she has a great shape and could pull of some chic looks. She can still be style savvy without being look at me I’m married to Ben Afflect but I don’t think she gets it.

  • Chloe302225

    I was wondering if you could go one on Alex Gerrard’s bags. Very diverse amd glamorous IMO

  • Shiela

    How refreshing to see a celebrity live a “normal” life! A departure from the pretense and posturing. And, yes, she seems to have well-rounded kids. I immensely enjoyed this particular post. Bravo!

  • AMDG

    I’m sure she is a nice person, but I don’t think she really cares much for fashion. There are celeb mums out there (Elle Macpherson, Gwyneth), who do casual chic really well. I think all those collared shirts, untucked with jeans, look really sloppy. The one shot she looks good in is with the flabella tote. The Givenchy’s are awesome, and I agree, that prada ombre leather tote is pretty cool.

  • Jennifer

    So nice to see a celebrity not be ‘on’ or ‘posed’ all the time! I think she looks normal; I think all these celebrities dressed to the nines to go to the store or to Starbucks just look ridiculous.

  • shueaddict

    I was actually surprised to see just how many good classic bags she has … I would have never thought she had that many. Her day outfits are all the same for a good long time now so I almost never paid attention to the bags.
    Loved the post … I want soooo many of her bags … and you captured her very well.

  • twirler

    I normally don’t mind a simple style, but I can’t help but think that if I had that kind of $ I’d at least put together an interesting outfit once in awhile. she has all the access in the world to designer clothes and she can’t come up with anything other than sweaters and button downs?? I’m pretty sure even the busiest of moms have time to put thought into an outfit here and there, especially those that can afford their own stylist!

  • wow, she’s got a ton of bags! She is so likeable.

  • wow, she’s got a ton of bags! She is so likeable.

  • RMR

    I cannot believe all the negative comments here. JG clearly prioritizes what’s important.

  • Jerri R

    Love the fact that her kids are not her dressed-up accessories cough cough kim k

  • Penelope

    I think the green ostrich bag was either Dooney & Bourke or Pony.