Janice Dickinson Balenciaga Bag

Images via Celebrity Rumors

I am fully aware that the title of this post says “Janice Dickinson Style”, but I am also fully aware that this is such an oxymoron because she is having a hard time holding herself together. ‘You don’t want take pictures of me???!!!! FINE here is my CROTCH’ her pictures scream. Apparently, Janice Dickinson was in a tad of trouble after an attention stunt to get the paparazzi to snap her at the Ed Hardy Runway Show, she was later denied access. But she gave all of us a backstage, rather frontstage, pass to her access. Gross. The poor handbag had to be spotted with her in that state, but hey little green bag, you still look amazing. Now it is time to Name that bag!

Sorry for the disturbing and disgusting pictures, but there are 2 more after the jump!

Janice Dickinson Balenciaga Bag


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  • Dania

    Balenciaga Giant City Bag in Vert Gazon :wink:

  • shopdiary

    lol. your image name says balenciaga. and so it is. :razz:

    • Quit being sneaky!!!! :lol:

      • shopdiary

        sorry megs! :oops:

  • Xavier

    More like name that hag…

  • Lily

    Her bag does look like a Balenciaga in grass green – I have a First, but this looks like a City. The color is to die for in my opinion! I couldn’t resist as soon as I laid eyes on it! The shade of green is so beautiful when combined with the shimmery, slouchy leather!! So elegant and GOR-GE-OUS!!! On the other hand, Janice appears to be utterly tacky yet she tries so desperately to portray herself and her agency to be so “French Vogue”. Any French fashionistas out there completely repulsed or insulted by this?? Perhaps Balenciaga may be insulted as well????? I could only imagine!

  • impasto

    poor little Balenciaga… I bet Katie Holmes’ vert gazon giant day doesn’t have to suffer this humiliation…. :grin:

  • NekoPurrPurr

    An old bag. As far as the green one I don’t know.

  • Lily

    LOL – NekoPurrPurr, you are hilarious!
    Luv your comment!!!

  • Bobbi

    Yep Yep The image does say balenciaga So eventually that is what it shall be :grin:

    By the way, when I first watched Janice’s show. Wow what a witch!! Then has a watched it again I became very addicted just to see what mood she would be in in the next show and whom she would get disguisted with next.

    So, Janice, I am a fan and will continue to be one so keep up the good work. You Big Witch!! :lol:

  • cjcruz

    ugh…Gawd …its bALENCIAga Lariat bag spring/summer…2007…in grass green

  • MarieG

    I agree with the other ladies: It’s a GH Grass Green Balenciaga City :)

  • Coco

    how dare her put her balenciaga on the ground! doesn’t she know thats bad luck???

  • fatefullotus

    SAVE THE BAG! :evil: This is bag cruelty! Someone call the authorities!!! :shock:

  • lorihmatthews

    :roll: I wish she would just fade away …

  • Milly Anderson

    It is Balenciaga …. after seeing it with this lady I want to give all mine away. She makes it look bad.

  • fancy nancy

    I love this bag in green but it is also beautiful in the natural. Wow the giant stud is definitely a nice addition to the arena family! fyi…you can find an awesome selection of Balenciaga “it” bags at Barneys!

  • metrkje@hotmail.com


  • hal

    Omigod. This is the Balenciaga Giant Hardware City Le dix in Forest Green. A difficult color to obtain and this bitch has it. It is like the bag has a seperate entity – a chic separate entity from the owner. Ditto the Christian Louboutin and DVF dress. Nothing can save this faux pas.

  • Mikhail

    Great pictures, Janice Dickinson is in Great shape and that’s great. Some people looks better with age, I think she is one of them. I don’t give a shit about the green bag, I like the way Janice looks.

  • Mar

    janice has a sexy hot body, BUT please hand me some duct tape to put over her mouth; its no wonder she’s not married.

  • Naggy

    I want a body like that when I’m her age. (ipad)

  • Brian Green

    I think Janice is gorgeous I would love to take her to bed, sexy, mature, lovely body, I bet she goes like a wrocket I really fancy her and Kate Moss.

  • Rosario

    Great photos of Janice. She is so sexy.