I think I’ve now just about seen it all. Heidi Montag was recently photographed with a new huge Chanel shopping bag, which really comes as no surprise or shock. What did and continues to shock me – her fresh Chanel manicure. Why? Why? Why? Sure, I took a few marketing classes during my college years, and I totally get brand marketing and brand loyalty, but don’t you think this takes it just a step too far? If you are anything like me, one of your guilty pleasures might be following celeb gossip and the reality shows some of them may appeared on. And most of us, whether we admit it or not, have seen The Hills and are of course familiar with Heidi and Spencer.

Just after their alleged marriage, Heidi and Spencer are continuously photographed in a way that makes any reader think they are looking to make a buck. Hey, if you are able to put up with the paparazzi mob following you around and snapping flattering/not so flattering/embarrassing pictures of you with every move you make, well, then, more power to you. However, I am starting to wonder if this is going a tad too far. Heidi, we know you have loads of money to spend. But a Chanel manicure, is that really necessary? Although I imagine the folks over at Chanel shaking their heads in disbelief, I have a question. Do you think this kind of situation helps or hurts the oh so classic and lusted after brand? Discuss!

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  • ck

    I happened to like the Python handbag she is carrying, would you know who makes it?

  • Lisa

    I don’t think Chanel is affected by this in any way. Heidi is just ridiculous. She has a nice handbag collection though.

  • charlie

    I think it can hurt the brand; people can subconsciously distance themselves from a label that is constantly on the arm of someone foolish. (Even a really hot bag will look somewhat diminished on Heidi’s overexposed arm)

    However when that brand is Chanel, I think it’s safe to say they’ll be okay.

  • lisa

    it might put off some older customers while drawing in some younger ones.

  • KathyB

    I agree with Lisa. The recent fight and subsequent arrest in Louis Vuitton’s flagship 5th Ave. NYC location between two rappers is indeed bad press for them, but like Chanel, they are both strong enough and have a solid customer base that will keep them afloat for many years to come.

  • wgs

    Chanel is still timeless and classic regardless of who carries/wears their stuff….but i do think the chanel manicure is a little over the top, not to mention tacky

  • jace

    what is heidi montag if not tacky? the manicure seems fitting.

  • melissa

    Do we really care what Heidi wears or does?? She is a lot like Paris Hilton…famous for being famous while managing to do nothing!

  • lauren

    agreed! this girl and her ken doll husband are both ridiculous…always decked out in major designers from head to toe, and beyond redneck tacky. ugh…does it make you classy for wearing that ugly manicure? stupid blonde in a half

  • Dominic

    I hate that the media keeps giving them attention. They have a great marketing team…I give them that much. Much like Phoebe Price. But…there is no substance to them. A decent exterior w/ nothing much inside.

  • Cherie L.

    this is like when britney put LV monogram on the car seats in her video. the luxury brand cringes because of this kind of low rent celebrity endorsement but they don’t really care. it doesn’t sink their image. heidi and the rest of hollywood (especially the hills) are tacky tacky tacky.

  • MizzJ

    I think most people will know the difference between the luxe brands and the trashy celebs who wear them. However, if I were at Chanel I would be cringing at this ridiculous use of the logo, that’s just going too far.


  • Jasmina

    OMG!!!!!!!! This is so so so trashy,ridiculous and so not stylish,but some people fly so high when they become “famous” :-)) I can only say “go to TPF girl and take some style lessons at CHANEL-forum “

  • susan

    Personally, I am sick to death of the Heidi’s, Paris, Jessica Simpson’s of the world. No talent, famous for being famous. But, I guess as long as they are out there, self promoting, and they end up in magazines that people buy, we’ll just have to turn the page quickly.

  • _CC_

    Coco Chanel is probably digging herself out of her own grave to kill heidi montag…right now.

  • dierregi

    Since I live in Europe I have absolutely no idea whatsoever who this woman is. I am quite happy about this situation :-) Judging from her look, I would classify her as yet another tacky blonde, definitely not a woman of style. Feel sorry for Chanel, though. I watched a TV mini-series about Coco and she looked like a woman who would have not appreciated this type of person. By the way, Coco Chanel was really a very special lady, I had no idea of her very poor background, even so much more impressed by her success.

  • Kara

    Coco is rolling in her grave sorry but that was the only thing I could think of to say.

  • sick of stupid blondes

    what’s even tackier is that she explicitly SHOWED OFF her wack-job manicure for the photographers…just so none of use would miss the fact that she went and got that special manicure…goodness she is screaming FAKE and NASTY all over.

  • mj

    They’re “trying” to be the new Brad & Angelina and failing miserably at it. No talent at all between the two of them and absolutely no taste! Yet, magazines continue to cover them….

  • Megusi

    This could possibly be detrimental to their brand image. I personally am a newcomer to designer and luxury goods, and when someone such as Heidi is aligning herself with Chanel in this manner, I’m not likely to want to buy Chanel in the near future; I’d like to distance myself from the image she portrays as much as possible.

    It’s like Burberry and chavs.

  • kemilia

    Chanel will survive, but this kind of thing is so tacky, it does lessen the brand a bit.

    I don’t really know who this Heidi and her ‘husband’ are (yeah, they are on some tv show) but sheesh, their publicity machine is awesome!

  • Otter

    Please don’t give this self-promoting skank any real estate on your site . . . that also goes for Paris Hilton and Jessica the Frog.

  • PurseAddict

    To be honest, I have no idea who Heidi Montag is. Although I did come across a few blogs/websites that show dislikes towards this particular person.

    Chanel manicure? I am not sure why would one paint her nails with CC logo. Showing off? This person is clearly doing that but it doesn’t impress me at all. It is really funny to see how some celebrities try so hard to make their presence felt. I guess noone can stop people from doing things they want.

    I love Chanel bags and I will continue buying this brand. Chanel is a well-established brand and I am sure they are unaffected by this small advertising glitch.

  • mave

    just take it as a laugh


  • Merve

    Its quite an achievement when u can take a classy brand such as chanel and turn it into something so tacky. I guess that will be the only thing that this overexposed blond will ever accomplish in her life. So funny the state of our world, when we turn nothings into something.

  • steph

    She is disgusting on so many levels.

    That is all.

  • yeh-yeh

    I think that the manicure is too ironic and sadly a story heard too many times; an American heiress (of one or two generations of wealth) trashes a European brand. This is what you get when you’ve never had real royalty in your country and hence need regal, elegant and exclusive brands to redeem the lack of all things beautiful. You Americans are so good at branding- why don’t you come up with your own preppy brands to trash? After all, you’re nothing until somone copies you (or in business terms, starts a product or service donning attributes lent from your brand). So tell me, why is it that noone hasn’t sported a Juicy, Coach, Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren manicure? Sure fakes can be found- but real adoration is shown by creative marketing Barbies such as Heidi. So instead of dissing the obvious lack of style, let’s use her as a case study of branding. She is a doll after all, isn’t she?

  • chloehandbags

    Having never watched a whole episode of The Hills (it seems so staged, that on the two occasions I flipped over and saw it was on, I lost interest within minutes) I don’t know much about this girl, but I’m amazed and slightly shocked at the vitriol being levelled at her (and in some cases, blondes in general).

    I have to say, it smacks suspiciously of jealousy, to me…

    I, personally, wouldn’t have the Chanel logo painted on my nails, as I’m not that into logos (or Chanel), but I don’t think it looks hideous and if it makes her happy, then why not?

    I mean, really, why is it considered to be so much more tacky to have logos on one’s nails than on one’s clothes, bags and accessories?

    Surely, either logos are tacky, or they’re not?

    It’s not even as though these are fake logos as, as far as I know, Chanel don’t sell logoed nails, do they?

  • chloehandbags

    …and another thing, if this girl had her nails painted with Chanel nailpolish (which I assume she did, being such a fan) then, surely, it is not at all surprising that, one day, someone would see the brush in the hands of the beautician and ask to have the same blatant logo, that is boldly and unapologetically painted on the lid of every Chanel nailpolish bottle, painted onto their nails?

    If Coco is rolling in her grave about this, why on earth would she have allowed the logo to be applied, so obviously, to something as mundane as a nailpolish bottle in the first place?

  • sam

    i TOTALLY AGREE WIT U chloehandbags!!
    PEOPLE give sooo muc shit baout the hills yet its watched alot
    it wudnt be on its 4th or 5th season not to mention i think people r jealous tht even thought they hate the show they hate even more tht heidi and spencer get the publicity real or fake and tht they r paid well
    word of advice please stop being jealous its gross and kinda pathetic. ive met heidi a few times and yea she sover the top but she pretty nice and nice to the people in chanel seeing as ive witnessed it so yea shes a bit annoying but they comment made about her r more jealous-esk comment
    so yea..

  • Janet

    She is so stupid.

    I can’t beleave how tacky she is.

    I say she doen’t deserve the bags anyway.



  • Heidi is foo-cking ugly!


    Heidi…. please wash your stupid nails off!

    I bet your husband(Spencer-gayish) is still doing your hair, makeup your face, put Louboutin high heels on your stink feets, then he says ” oooooo! That’s so sexy!! ”

    Oh yeah… you can’t walk in high heels! Can you call Tyra’s runway coach and teach you on how to walk? No?? Pay him $10,000.

  • faggot.

    I think Spencer painted her fingernails.

  • Jen


  • Kathey

    Umm Heidi, we know you like Chanel, but please be a bit discreet and not make the legendary fashion house seem too over done and cheap.


    Have a good day! :D

  • Julie

    tacky! ! spencer prolly has matching toes haha!

  • Linda

    This woman is so annoying…and I have never seen her stupid show. But the endless self promotion from her and her even more annoying boyfriend is just too much. The nails look awful.

  • Chanel_Insider

    Yes, the “folks” over at CHANEL are shaking their heads in disbeleif!!! EWW

  • Jacob aka The Chanel Prince

    I don’t know which is more idiotic — the fact that Heidi has a Chanel manicure or the fact that you all think this tarnishes the brand. Heidi Montag is a white-trash woman with a but of fame and a few dollars to spend who happens to like Chanel. Chanel has been a beacon of pretty much everything classy since the beginning and will continue to be for centuries after Heidi Montag’s plastic breasts are taking up space in a landfill.

  • Danielle

    I love the nails.

    Heidi rules and is gorgeeeeeeeeeeous

    i have her pink nailpolish on now.


  • interbagstore

    I’m just love it