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  • Lisa

    Baffled by why she’s trying to avoid being photographed. She’s not exactly shy about self-promotion.

    • Maryjword

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    • I think some celebs pretend they don’t want their pic taken, but it’s more of an ‘ohhh myyyy another person taking my picture, I can’t even deal’ – but they can totally deal! Ha

      • Lisa

        Hahaha, exactly!!

  • Sandy

    Agreed! She keeps herself in the public eye and then covers her face when out in public!

  • AshleyG

    I have a tote this color- she’s making me want to go home and pull it out ASAP!

    • Same!

    • Lisa

      Just make sure to cover your face with it when you go out, haha!

  • Cheyanne

    I feel like that color seems to go well with almost anything! #need

  • Taki

    Is the Celine Luggage Tote still popular? Somehow I feel that the bag is no longer categorized as classic..

  • Irene

    That is a gorgeous bag and stunning color.
    I want one

  • lavinia

    If you are a star it does not mean you have to change your bag every minute following the “it one” all the time. You have one you love? You wear it. That’s it. :)

  • SPA

    I like GP’s style :)

  • Jerri R

    No idea how this bag became so popular. I looked at it at the store, and realized the empty weight was quite substantial. I hate bags that weigh a lot even when empty. Same with YSL SDJ.

    • Dwightinha

      I have both with leather interior, and the weight of the SDJ is paperweight compared to Celine Luggage.

  • kindled

    Look at those practical shoes! Makes me like her more, haha.

  • Rachel Sapienza

    Any Celine experts no what season/collection this tricolor blush,black,cream tote is from? Can’t find it anywhere! Love reading these posts by the way!

    • Dwightinha

      I bought the exact same bag as in your photo pre-loved at Vestiaire 2,5 years ago. The original receipt from Lyon France is dated 13th of October 2013. I would think maybe S/S – 13 or F/W – 13?