Back in February we posted pictures of Kim Kardashian carrying her Hermes Birkin not only to the beach, but also placing her bag right in the sand. Many of us gasped at the site of a $10,000 bag being plopped into a pile of sand, me included. I find myself to be so meticulous when it comes to taking care of my bags. Maybe I have it truly wrong, maybe I should carry my expensive bags to the beach and let them get a little dirty. After all, Kim isn’t the only one that does it… a famous designer does as well.

Can you Name That Guy?

If you guessed Marc Jacobs, you are correct! These pictures are a bit old, but it shows that the famed designer behind both his eponymous brand and Louis Vuitton sees no problem in taking his bag to the beach and putting it next to him in the sand. Marc didn’t even want his Birkin to sit on his Stephen Sprouse x Louis Vuitton Limited Edition towel. No, no no, that would not be a good place for it – but the sand is!

I grew up a few minutes away from the beach so I could call myself a beach girl. No matter how many Birkins I ever own, I still can’t imagine flinging them into the dirt. Have you ever dug through the sand? Trust me, there are all sorts of interesting things and sea animals lurking.

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