Le Petitpas Wilm Handbag
Le Petitpas Wilm Handbag

It started with me wracking my brain trying to figure out the designer of Katherine Heigl’s red handbag. It then turned into me asking you all to help figure out the designer of her bag. Which only lead to all of you wracking your brains and trying to deduce the right answer. Then I asked on Purse Forum and they were all stumped. We were all hitting a brick wall; noticing similarities between this bag and other designers we have seen, such as braided handles like Balenciaga, and a feel of Mulberry. Luckily, the intelligent Becca on our forum scoured the web and found the designer! The red handbag Heigl has been carrying is the Le Petitpas Wilm Handbag. Le Petitpas functions differently than many designers we know, releasing a new handbag every six months to a year in limited quantities. Once the bags are sold out, there will never be another of the same released. This is a different concept that sets this brand apart from others. Right now their limited edition bag, with less than 500 being produced, The Wilm is garnering the attention of handbag lovers world-wide. The Le Petitpas The Wilm is designed with lush Italian leather with a chic red finish. The handles are hand-stitched and the hardware is speckled bronze plated. There are two front pockets with magnetic closures. At the base of each handbag a limited edition number is embossed letting you know which number of the batch is yours. The brand states that the signature Le Petitpas markings and world renown ‘P’ hardware are found on the bag, though they were not renown to me until now. This is an absolutely stunning bag that has garnered attention near and far and has finally been identified. Buy at Le Petitpas online for $1270.

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  • Celine

    hm, i’m not a fan.

  • asil

    me either…its so….walmartish…and i dont mean to put ti down…i just dont see how this could be so “limited edition”

    • Tiffany

      Have it, love it, and it’s selling for something like $745 right now on the site, not $1200 but I got mine new on ebay for around $200, on accident (I was looking for a Birkin). This bag is divine!! It may not look tht interesting, but the leather is really shiny, but super soft, but tough, really top quality, the bag is even prettier in real life, smells amazing, and holds a TON without ever looking full!! I’ve met a couple other fashionistas with it and they all agree, the bag is pricey, but amazing. Still, I’d check on ebay, because unless it’s made of gold, $700+ for a bag is a bit out of my budget…I’d rather buy Louboutins!!!

  • lisa

    i totally agree with the “walmartish” comment. it looks like one of the bags you buy at the mall kiosks with all the designer inspired bags.

  • katy

    guess im the odd ball! i love it! i think its really hot and classy looking!

  • bagbuff

    I’m in love with this bag! It’s a beautiful red, and even with the outside pockets it still has a streamlined appearance. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I could!

  • Watson

    I love the purse. I would seriously recommend buyin it. You know anyone could get a gucci or a knock off. But gettin a limited hand bag sort of makes me feel special and unique. Hey you never kno Le Petitpas could be bigger than gucci and if it is the first purse made could probably be sold for big money.

  • Liz

    I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I know who makes that bag. I’m friends with the designed. You would never believe who it is, too. But, honestly.. it’s a brilliant concept and I’m very proud of him. :)

  • Liz

    I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I know who makes that bag. I’m friends with the designer. You would never believe who it is, too. But, honestly.. it’s a brilliant concept and I’m very proud of him. :)

    • a

      Why wouldn’t people believe who it is? It’s not like it’s someone famous (not yet, anyway) who has a secret handbag line. You make it sound like it’s something to be embarassed about. (I’m best friends with his sister…which is why I’m wondering what the big deal is)

  • LucianaW

    In my case… I think is so difficult creat new handbags all the time and I like when reinvented one kind…I like this bag!

  • Anevaude

    I think what gets me most is that it’s a limited edition, so you know you’ll have something others can only be jealous about if they don’t have one. :twisted:

    But other than that, I think it’s pretty sexy. I love the handles. :mrgreen:

  • mette

    I don´t like this bag at all. It has nothing special about it and it´s red like a fire engine. Only wish they had limited the production to 1 piece.

  • Dee

    I think the bag is hot and the fact that there is a limited supply does make it special. If this bag had Gucci or Fendi on it, people wouldn’t be making those negative comments. So give the designer some love!

  • Tricia

    Not only is the color and design of this bag the latest rage at the moment, one must have the insight to realize that due to the limited edition (of only a 500 piece run), this one is a nice investment. As it will not depreciate in value but could actually be worth at lot more in the very near future. I am jumping in on this one while there is still some left.

  • Irina

    this bag is terrible, it looks really cheap. the designer was actually so uninspired he had to copy the Balenciaga handles.

    • Tiffany

      not cheap, super sturdy, trust me, I put all my stuff, including designer goods, to a very thorough beating, (my first pair of Manolos got dragged all over London on a crazy pub crawl). This bag holds up to the test, I’ve brought it with me on countless photoshoots, out to camping once (as in, in a tent, on the dirt, in the rain, not fun, but the bag held up better than me!!) and as my carry on on several flights. It’s not cheaply made at all, if you hold it and look at it you can tell. It looks hand-stitched, even stitching in a sturdy thread all around, excellent glue, etc. The only thing I managed to break on it was one of the decorative bronze studs on the front, which came unscrewed, somehow, somewhere, but Eric is replacing it for me for free, any bags bought from the site have unlimited free maintenance/repairs.

  • Amanda

    I happen to love this bag, I’ve been lucky enough to see it in person, and the picture does it no justice. The handles do resemble balenciaga, but what is wrong with that? That’s one of my favorite parts of a balenciaga. To me this bag has all of my favorite pieces of other designers. Especially color, material, and roomy-ness. <3

  • A+ Fruit

    It smells so good, like 5 cows! Designers all take inspiration from past designs and eachother, and try to create their own interpretations. He took all the desireable elements from the best of the best, and put them all together into one cohesive piece…pretty good. Besides all you haters, everythings been done already, nothing’s new.

  • sammy

    Damn that is cute!

  • Dulce

    My son bought me this bag for Mother’s Day. I was so impressed by it’s quality and the presentation. The box it comes in, with perfumed silk rose petals is unique and makes one feel so special. The very next day I used it for travel to West Palm Beach and Tampa. I received wonderfully jealous comments from other travelers and family members who have Gucci’s, Coach and other designer bags.Told them they could not buy this one. IT was sold out. I let them admire it and told them I would leave it to them in my will. At first the color was unusual to me, but as I tend to wear neutural tones and black a lot this proved to be a color that makes my wardrobe pop. I’m a BIG BAG lover and this bag has all the components I need in it. I don’t use it every day because I would fill it up, but I won’t travel without it. I just love my bag.

  • crystal

    The bag is not sold out. Infaact you can buy it at the now reduced price of $745 on http://www.lepetitpas.com. Not sure why it has gone down in price.Makes me happy and sad at the same time.

  • realty_check

    This bag is not ony boring but hideous and granny like!

    • Tiffany

      my granny has a beige bag from an obscure designer at Nordstroms she bought like, 50 years ago. Any granny with a bag like this kicks ass!!

  • Karen Johnson

    I loved the way it looks in the photo. I did buy it.
    Can’t wait to actually see and touch it.. I hope it is what I expect it to be.
    I needed a new red handbag and decieded on this Wilm.

    If it isn’t what I expect then guess someone will receive it as a Christmas gift.

    Tyler, TX.

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