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  • kimmie

    I actually think her boots are kind of cute.

  • Maria

    It must come from Australia as our country is known for fabulous Ugg boots!!!

  • sue

    You are a snarky, unkind, unfunny gal, incapable of anything more than picking low hanging fruit…

  • Chris

    It always depends on the styling. I think she looks fine. The outfit is casual, but she still looks well put together. And the boots look kind of cute here.

    • sara

      I think she looks cute as well!

  • So rude.

    To the blogger: please get off your high horse.
    It’s beyond mean-spirited to bash what someone’s wearing in such a demeaning and vulgar way.
    There are other ways of expressing one’s difference in taste/preference than the way this article attacks its target…
    It was neither funny nor tasteful.

  • Faiza H

    I don’t quite understand the last half of the article.I get that the writer is not a fan of the boots and that’s totally fine. But there was no need to bash it in such an angry rant (…”they should be ripped off her feet and tossed on a flaming trash”…??!!).

    Yes in fashion you’re allowed to criticize; but don’t be rude.I felt this article was written in a poor manner.

    • Guest

      This particular writer’s articles are nearly always poorly written. She seems to have a tabloid style. It’s unfortunate and not at all up to Purse Blog standards. IMO, it is her copy that should be tossed on the “flaming trash.”

    • Sophie Proust

      Agreed. The second paragraph of this post is snarky, strange, and completely out of sync with PurseForum’s typical tone and style. What happened?

  • Jen

    She actually looks more relatable to the average American girl than I’ve seen in a long time. The boots or bag aren’t my first pick, but she doesn’t look hideous either. More down to earth, imo.

  • kiwigirl

    I have to agree with the other commenters.. you really could have come up with a better way of describing your dislike for the boots. I mean, a 12 year old could have written this… and this is your job!?! Hmmm… it does go to show that pretty much anyone can write a ‘blog’ style article and think they are a legitimate writer. Where are the excellent copywriters out there? Those who have a flare for vocabulary? I’m definitely getting bored with so many bloggers these days…

  • kevin ailsa
  • lalit kumar
  • Utsav Chopra

    soon there will be purse on

  • Me too also feels the second paragraph totally different comparing to 1st paragraph. Some fashion wont look good for some persons but we shouldn’t say by this way.She is looking great.

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