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  • Debbie

    I take a page from the Rachel Bilson cute, casual, and effortless look. Unless there’s an event I have to trot to right off the plane (which…full disclosure—I don’t—probably extends to walking my pug)…there’s just no reason to be that uncomfortable to look that put together.

  • louch

    I suspect she deliberately goes all-out when she’s going out in public as she knows she’s bound to be photographed (especially in Cannes). Mind you, I really can’t imagine her in tracky pants!! She looks amazing.

  • nappy

    she has always insisted on being put together always.. it’s been a way of life for her.. maybe a bit easier for her coz she sticks to what she knows.. she colors her own hair (she is a blonde), does her own hair and makeup and takes very good care of her skin.. even in Pilates classes, she looks put together.. now, that is effort that is paying off majorly!

    • shueaddict

      agreed, years of practice makes it easier … and faster … Liz Taylor used to do her own make up too, she just knew what worked for her.
      It takes me 30 min each day to “put my face on” – scrub / mask / cream / make up.

  • FashionableLena

    I love how Dita feels the need to be groomed and polished within an inch of her life. Love that bag and those sunglasses.

  • Guest

    There was a time when nearly everyone who traveled looked like this. And how much more pleasant would our journeys be if they still did?

    I’m not saying that we need to don girdles and a full face of makeup before leaving the house, but I think the “casualization” of America has made us slovenly, thoughtless, intellectually lazy and fat.

    So I am not about to criticize Ms. Von Teese for putting her best foot forward at all times. Her example is refreshing.

    • shueaddict

      I remember those good ole’ days of travel, before 9/11 and before low cost airlines. I used to actually dress up a bit while flying (better chance for an upgrade … remember those?). Plus, you always meet other people who fly for business and you want to look sharp. It is a challenge now to achieve that when you know you’ll spend 2 hours in a line for endless security checks and suffer the humiliation of having to remove your shoes and as many items of clothing as they can get off you without leaving you almost naked. Alas alas!!!!

    • guest

      It even amazes me how many of “casualized” Americans would make snide remarks on someone well put together. I felt that those who make such unsolicited comments toward someone better dressed than them are jealous. An American is always identifiable with their shorts, t-shirts, trainers worn with socks outside of their own country.

  • Guest

    Must be wonderful to look like that x