Dakota Fanning was recently spotted in NYC carrying a Celine Trio Bag – the same Celine bag we spotted Kourtney Kardashian with last month. As far as Celine bags go, this one is certainly the most inconspicuous of the lot, which one can appreciate now that every celeb on the planet can lay claim to a Celine Phantom Luggage Tote or two. While in the past, we’ve lamented that Celine bags are nowhere to be found online, we’re ecstatic to report that there is a now a legit retailer who sells authentic, pre-owned Celine bags online. You can now shop Celine at Portero! Huzzah!

In case you were unaware, the Trio also has a neat little parlor trick – it has a detachable strap, and it’s made of three separate pouches that can unsnap from each other and be carried separately. Which reminds me, I’m looking for two other girls to go in on a Celine Trio “bagshare” arrangement with me. You get to carry the complete Trio every third week, and all parties involved have “single” clutch access every weekend. Who’s in?

Dakota Fanning carries a light blue Celine Trio Bag in NYC (1)

Dakota Fanning carries a light blue Celine Trio Bag in NYC (2)

Dakota Fanning carries a light blue Celine Trio Bag in NYC (3)

Dakota Fanning carries a light blue Celine Trio Bag in NYC (4)

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  • lala

    i have the celine trio in the orange. i love it!

  • miki c

    i love the bag but its sold out in hong kong… btw she gained weight i think…

    • thescm

      She is incredibly thin. Perhaps you’re thinking of her 9 year-old self.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I purchased this bag then returned in :(. I love Celine but this bag looks its best empty. Once you add basic items such as keys, phone, etc., you jeopardize that great profile.

  • Kaleiv

    That’s a great color for the Trio. I like the larger one better. I also like whatever she got from Isabel Marant!!!

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