Oh, to be Lady Gaga. The world adores you, designers pine to make ornate crazy couture items for you, and you have by far the coolest and most moving commercial (Google Chrome) on TV this year.

But the main reason I am envying Lady Gaga right now is because Karl Lagerfeld designed a one-of-a-kind Chanel bag to be paired with her Chanel Haute Couture white tweed dress with black trim. Accessorizing her dress are Chanel pearls, camelias and bows while her white bag features one black and one white flower applique. If you wonder why Lady Gaga had this amazing Chanel moment, it is because of the launch of Gaga’s Workshop for Barneys NY.

I may have placed myself on a not-so-stringent shopping ban, but upon seeing this Chanel bag Karl made for Gaga, I started to go gaga. This bag is the perfect pairing of demure and edgy adding the classic quilted background with a contrasting black and white add-ons. And if you can’t peel your eyes off her dress, that is also because Karl designed this especially for the queen of pop as well. So again, to be Lady Gaga would be quite the nice touch – especially if you are a Chanel fan.

Check out Gaga’s Workshop on BarneysNY.com!

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  • Kris

    I think it’s absolutely stunning! The pointy, red nails though…whoa.

  • Stills

    I agree! Bag is stunning!


  • J Umm

    so jealous

  • Get real!

    Nothing to write home about! I’m convinced some of you ooh and aah over every single item (including the sub par and downright hideous) featured here just to kiss up….

  • rose60610

    I’m not decided if Gaga is whacked or a genius. From what I gather she’s a 1980’s Madonna just amped up tenfold. God bless her for getting King Karl to design for her. The bag is scrumptious but if it can be only one of kind, then let it go to this young woman who apparently works her wacky and very savvy tail off. Good for her.

  • Bir

    Bag well it’s channel how could it go bad but the whole gaga character please !!! Enough I find that Daphne Guiness can pull it off for some reason because she goes extreme high fashion but this woman is like a singing Tim Burton muppet !!!

  • Bir

    Sorry CHANEL ! spell check!!!!

  • mochababe73

    I like the bag, but I’m more interested in the hat. I love it.

  • Blaine

    It rather got lost in the gown.

  • Jackie

    I love it! It is definitely the perfect pairing of demure and edgy. It the perfect marriage of Lady Gaga and Chanel.

  • Mona

    Hello Miss Havisham…

  • Ladyash

    I want that bag soooo bad! The dress too!

  • ash

    I`m not jealous about the bag, I`m jealous about THE Karl Lagerfeld creating a customed Chanel couture dress and bag exclusively for her. I would die.

  • erica

    Not a fan of the flower appliques, but the fact that Lagerfeld designed a bag for her? wow, i’m jealous too

  • 19yearslater

    Looking at that bag, if I didn’t know it was for Lady Gaga I wouldn’t guess it was hers.

  • Shirley J

    gaga is on another level!!! so im not surprised….im jealous lol

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    I’m not jealous…the bag must have not taken a lot of effort to design. Karl must of answered an ‘awe well….might as well’ when his publicity pundits asked him to design for Gaga.

  • AW

    hmmm i’m actually not jealous. It just looks like a plain white bag with a couple of flowers stuck on it to be frank. Not exactly up to Chanel’s usual standards.

  • Snowvixens

    Demented barbie