Celebs Sizzle This Summer With Bags From Prada, Dior and More

Plus, both the SATC and Gossip Girl reboots bring the heat this week!


Mid-summer is upon us and with August just around the corner, some of our favorite celebs have begun to do a little R&R, heading into hibernation or seen enjoying weekday lunches and more. Some, however, are kicking work into high gear, and the set of the SATC reboot And Just Like That, brings the fashion heat (as if it wasn’t hot enough already!). Kristin Davis was spotted once again on set, carrying one of Fendi’s seasonable carries, the Basket Bag. All of our eyes are on the stars as filming continues.

Speaking of filming, breakout star Jordan Alexander was spotted in NYC too, on the set of the Gossip Girl reboot with a stunning version of the ever-popular Dior Saddle Bag. Dior was a popular choice this week for the celeb set, and both Nicky Hilton and Kimora Lee Simmons were seen attending events in LA with their Diors in tow. Check out the fresh set of bags below!

Jordan Alexander
New York City

Dylan Penn
Cannes, France

Gigi Hadid
New York City

Kimora Lee Simons
Los Angeles, California

Kristin Davis
New York City

Ming Lee Simmons
Los Angeles, California

Nicky Hilton
Los Angeles, California

Vanessa Hudgens
Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy


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  1. Jaime Avatar

    Kristin Davis with her ill fitting T-shirt with strappy dress, boring white heels and that atrocious Fendi overprized plastic bag was a reminder that this time around it will be “sloth and the city” or “Cellulite and the city”! The total look is a joke.
    Vanessa Hudgens on the other hand looks fresh and age appropriate- Love her small Telfar. Really want to get my hands on one of these. It is also a plastic bag but it’s not pretending to be luxury in its aesthetic or price point.

    1. ILP Avatar

      It’s fine that you hate Kristin Davis’s outfit but the “sloth” and “cellulite” comments are brutal and mean.

      1. Julie Avatar

        This. Totally agree.

      2. Julie Avatar

        This. Totally agree.

      3. Manolos21 Avatar

        No kidding – that was an atrocious thing to say (as if women of all ages, including the most fit women in the world, don’t have cellulite).

      4. Sandy Avatar

        You know, no matter your age now you will get older and hopefully look as good and dress as well as Kristin Davis.

    2. Sam Avatar

      So, an older woman looks like a “sloth…:,” but a younger woman looks & dresses “fresh & age appropriate”? This is absurd, ageist & sexist! One day, hopefully, you’ll understand that comments like yours reflect badly on all women. Be a better person.

  2. Marcy697 Avatar

    Anyone know about Savannah Lee Smith’s skirt??

  3. ILP Avatar

    Nicky Hilton always looks fabulous!