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  • girlscoutnocookie

    Are we sure that Reese Witherspoon paid for her Fiamma bags? Ferragamo is quite generous with supplying bags to “friends” (ex. NYC charity auctions) so maybe she got them gratis. I like the Fiamma, I’m tired of minimalist serious boxy bags. Something soft round and cute please!

  • Lucia Sanchez

    It’s nice to see Reese carrying something other than Draper James at least.

  • Y Ajayi

    Reece may have been gifted the bags

  • Amazona

    I do feel sorry for Angie’s bag! Look at the state of it…some TLC is needed ASAP.

    • Sara

      Angelina has a history of trashing her bags.

  • Smithy

    I may be one of the only people on earth who hates Reese Witherspoon’s preppy sweet style. She looks like a perennial ivy league sorority girl.

  • FashionableLena

    The scratches on Angelina’s bag are enough to make me say no. I’m not sure if I’d carry a handbag with Favela written on it. It’s a Brazilian slum.

  • Imgoingbroke

    That Fiamma is nice, and she sure does have quite a few of them which leads me to believe that they are gifted to her by Ferragamo, for sure.
    That sorry looking Celine box bag has got to go. Why would Angelina carry it in that condition?

    • Sara

      Or, did Reese fall obsessively in love with Fiamma and decide to buy one in multiple colours? We’ve all been there. Or maybe they are gifted. Really don’t know.

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  • Sara

    Angelina has a great handbag collection but she trashes most of them as seen in this post and previous ones. I cried when I saw the state of her black LV Capucine & Suede Saint Laurent Sac de Jour. What does she do to them?

  • seres

    I try to look after my bags but I wouldn’t judge a mother of 6 with an ambitious career for having higher priorities than making sure her bag remains pristine. While taking care of your possessions is commendable, I like that she does’t just discard bags if it’s got a few scratches.

  • Jen

    I personally LOVE the Fiamma and once I love a bag, I almost always buy more than one version. I totally understand when on obsession starts with a handbag. Too bad it’s such an expensive habit.