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  • Sparky

    Observe #7: when the handle is attached to the bag’s flap, the bag is bound to lose its shape when filled. The full weight of the contents strains the closure. Exception is Chanel CFs. Maybe because they enough structure(?) to keep the shape.

    • TexasST

      This is the exact reason I have never been interested in a Kelly or any other top single handled bag like it.

      • Tiffany Benes

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    • Zainab

      Very true, same scenario in the Celine trapeze and belt bags. It think in the case of Chanel, the 4 grommets the chain strap runs through help distribute the weight evenly.

    • Suzanne

      Yeah, this effect usually bothers me, although for some reason I still think the Kelly bags look ok. The blue one for example still looks great but maybe there’s just less in it, or its newer. But yeah, PS1s and Celine trapeze bags should never be carried by their top handle in my opinion.

  • Carol

    I’m just waiting on an updated Demi Lovato bag post!

  • Suzanne

    That PS bucket bag DOES look gorgeous. Almost enough to make me want a bucket bag. Almost. And the blue on that Kelly is TDF.