Cameron Diaz Balenciaga Work

I will always attempt to find fault with Cameron Diaz because she dates my first no-chance-in-hell-he-will-date-me boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Since then, I have seriously wondered why I even found him so sexy (ok so he dances from his baby toe to his left ear perfectly) and ever thought I could just maybe meet him someday. Cameron and him make a perfect commitment phobic couple. Cam does not want kids until she gets enough sleep and Justin does not want to settle down. Lately Cameron has been seen with her dark tresses, a seriously sexy pair of heels, skinny jeans, and a hot handbag. Cameron Diaz has been carrying the Balenciaga Work with Giant Hardware Spring/Summer 2007. The giant hardware is a hit or miss for many BBag lovers, but there is no doubt this outfit is gorgeous on Cam. Ah well, I let JT slip by me to an older woman with a gorgeous new handbag. Call Balenciaga NY for further information, 212 206 0872 or contact your local Balenciaga boutique.

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  • Belini

    Does anyone know what brand of shoes she has on? thanks

  • vivi

    what is she wearing giant city or weekender?

  • Queena C

    does anybody know what brand of her jeans?

  • mirror imgae

    This Bag is Giant Work ,not city or weekend.I think,

  • Kendra

    This is very nice. It’s kind of big for her though. (fb)

  • Did anyone watch cameron diaz doing one to the ladies on top gear last night? go for it girl!!

  • Naggy

    I always thought those Bal bags looked better with giant hardware. (ipad)