amy winehouse handbag

They try to make her go to rehab, but she says, “No, no, no!”. I am fairly certain that I was not born with the petite gene (ok flat out I wasn’t), but in my books, Amy Winehouse is on the verge of 12 year old body. Face it, her hair weighs more than her body. But a musical genius she is; with a sultry raspy voice she entices the crowd. I am still bummed she did not invite me to her shot-gun wedding in Miami, HELLO I was here, but I am over it now. Anyhow, Amy Winehouse was spotted at Paddington Station sporting a white handbag while furiously attempting to get her mane of hair to do as she wanted. I can understand that it would take a small army to keep my hair kept if I had hair like that, so I won’t even bother talking about it more. In her arms is a plain white bag. Can you Name that Bag!?

More images below!

amy winehouse handbag1

amy winehouse handbag3

amy winehouse handbag4

amy winehouse handbag2

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  • lovelux

    what in the ish???? Can’t focus on the bag, she needs a pork chop!

  • Bronwyn

    Did she steal it from a nurse on the cancer ward?

    What sick looking girl and what an ugly bag.

  • Elizabeth

    All you can say is SAD………she needs to eat :neutral:

  • missruby

    wow…i never knew she was so THIN…my goodness.

  • Rose

    Love that baag, love her music but she looks so…dirty. Oh and is her husband carrying a diaper bag? What manly tassels!

  • tony

    anyone know what shoes is her husband wearing? they look very comfy. :oops:

  • Tina

    :roll: Dont hate little haters

  • suzannah

    boring Tod’s?

  • kneehighz

    Hmm I don’t know what bag that is but I think its cute! Some people are naturally thin, I don’t know what her diet it but she has wonderful talent :smile: I like that she has her own look with the eye makeup and hair..but if I was her I would cover my legs more..its a little scary bc they look fragile!

    ..So what bag is it??

  • janisss

    Looks like Prada.

  • loveitwantit

    Can’t get over the train-track legs, but focus. In dissecting this, the bag looks tri-compartment like the old Botkiers. Lack of outside pockets and its plain-ness, Tod’s is a good guess. Otherwise, it’s a $10 Canal Street special.

  • fendifemale

    I thought it was a Lambertson’s…..

  • fendifemale

    Or Liz Claiborne.

  • mia_uno

    :shock: Or the fug heroin special. :lol:

  • kai

    Enough with the bag. Can we upgrade her shoes and that tired pair of denim shorts she is wearing with the belt that she can wrap around her bony body twice if she wanted. LMFAO…They try to make me go to RE-HAAAAAAAB!!!

  • kai

    It looks like Amy Winehouse took a trip to Canal street, New York with those ballerina shoes. lol…..

  • megan

    seriously. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR a person to have THAT MUCH hair on her head???

  • katie

    oh come on guys… be nice!!! yeah she’s skinny but she’s not on heroin, her boyfriend (husband now) told her she was fat and she became anorexic and bulimic. and who the hell cares what she’s wearing? since when does what you wear determine whether you’re talented or not? and i have no idea where that bag came from, lol.

    • Jekia

      I love Amy Winehouse’s music but I hate to say it she just might be on heroin. Look at the scratches on her arms. Not only that she has abscess on both arms which is common o heroin junkies. Look at her right arm in the third picture. The paparaz. almost always have pictures of her strolling the streets of Camden every morning buying and eating candy or something sweet. And she is also rumoured to prefer black tar heroin. She lost 22 Ibs in a short time frame. At least that is what it looks like.

  • jadey –

    shes so ugly.urgh

  • jadey –

    oh and, have you noticed on this picture:

    it looks like she has a penis? :s

  • jadey –

    & about the hir, shes wearing extensions(hense why shes messsing with it alot), her hair is quite short normally.

  • amy

    god, someone that wonderful girl to IHOP! She needs weight! I love her music, and her personality in general, just wish she’d eat. Anyways, dont know the bag, couldnt tell..

  • CTU!

    Black is a Nickname for Heroin! Hence all the ‘Black’ talk! She still is a great artist!

  • Jekia

    There are different types of heroin. “Black tar” is one of them. Hence the name “Black tar”…………………

  • Mary

    She just looks like a junkie..why go to rehab when people give her all this attention..sad.

  • mango

    soo beautiful—i just love amys style…. :mrgreen:

  • i love you sooo bad. can you be my stepmum…..!

  • Milly Anderson

    i think the bag is normal. she could use a good shower, her hair skin looks like a mess.

    and did you see her husbands pants. haha, they look like they capris my gardener nathanial wears.

    i heard part of amy winehouse’s eyeliner is tatooed on her.


    shes so ugly and so thin… hes to good for her. makes me sad :(

    & as for the eyeliner – yes it is tattooed on her eyes.

  • John

    Extensions or weaves? I doubt it, or you’d have seen evidence in one of the MANY “hairdo malfunction” pics out there. At least give Amy Winehouse credit for having terrific hair.

    The tatooed eyeliner I can believe, because she does have to maintain those eyes basically 24/7.

  • victoria

    i actually LOVEEEE it all.
    From the Hair to the bones.
    SHes hot and i think they look good together.
    SO stop hating!

  • Antonia

    i love amy! she doesn`t care about people who don`t like her..she`s just beoing herself..!and her style..and music..just rock!

  • She’s a hottie

    She is amazing. Watching her live on MHD the other night, I fell in love. Whatever she is, she is. Love it or leave it, it’s all the same. Alright, ’nuff said.



  • moonie

    She is the most beautiful woman in the world inside and out

    your all just jelous sit down son!

  • babs

    moonie, you’re sooooooo wrigth!!
    people always say Amy this, Amy that…..
    but deep inside they wanna have HER FIGURE and her BANK ACOUNT!

  • wowwowow

    Amy just…eat

  • charlie

    she just needs to stop smoking crack.

  • patty

    she needs 2 eat more cus she is 2 skinny…….she also looks diry :evil:

  • Ruddhy`s

    psssssssss la neta canta bien chido pues me gusta el tipo de musica que canta sobre todo en la particular cuando estoy algo asi como romatico me prende pues esta tan chida que te hace pensar y reflexionar………. pues soy mexicano pero la neta la mejor musica es americana …va es todo que mas puedo decir va chido adios

  • robin

    :neutral: :grin: :smile: :arrow: hello
    i’ am super cool fan from amy winehouse
    loves robin

  • robin

    not smoking from amy (netherlands) ze moet niet meer drugs roken
    bey robin

  • pinha

    I relly like her! :razz: :grin:
    an this fotos are very cute :wink:

  • kiddy

    i dont speaking good english. we leranr this in the school. hmm yes. amy winehouses style is very good. find i !!

  • pfif

    She is an amazing artist, i love her style and may she wear whatever she likes for whatever many YEARS if she wants to. Seems lots of you’d have a plenty to learn from this girl – like attitude and individuality.
    little haters.

  • Nat

    that girl is extremely talented, and i bet shes pretty smart.
    shes not in a good moment of her life, obviously, she needs help, and u assholes, are just wasting time criticizing her fucking purse? u make me sad, even more than amy
    go get a life :)

  • Kumario

    I WAS THERE!!!

  • vanessa

    ela tinha um corpo tão lindo, é uma pena vê esses tipos de coisas! Eu to torcendo por ela daqui!

  • Naddi

    I wanna have her husband ~_~” i think i’m much cuter than her XD


  • Amy Has Lovly Style But She Needs To Get Help And Put Weight On !!! For Her Own Good …

  • Pedro Jaimes

    My dear, leave this gay It’s not for you , hi is a Bat boy

  • Marko

    Stop talking about other people life.

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